Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Fences Make Good Neighbors, Walls Make Safe Countries

God as my witness I never thought I'd utter these words, "Trump is the logical, sane, adult in the border battle."

I've quit Twitter because of the ridiculous partisan bickering.  The ones who oppose Trump will not listen to any reason or accept any proof for facts (except from sites like Mother Jones, Vice, CNN and MSNBC), and drop to ad hominem attacks if you continue to stand your ground.

There is no "Good Faith Debate" in the US anymore.  The exchange of differing ideas is dead and has been replaced with, "You don't think like me so you're a Nazi."

I'm at the point I'm having to remove friends from Facebook because all I see is REEEEEing about "Trump did this" or "Liar Liar said this."  These are lifelong friends who have become so deranged I can't view my feed to see what everyone is doing without having to wade through their vitriol.

I can bring up the Simpson-Mazzoli Act of 1986 and the fact we DID NOTHING to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the country afterward.  We "Corrected" a problem, a "One time" event with the promise of border control t follow. (Spoiler alert: border control never came.)  Fact like this (and many, many others) are blown off with "WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN??? REEEEE!!!"

Last night I saw the completely ignorant response of "TRUMP HAS HAD TWO YEARS OF A REPUBLICAN CONTROLLED CONGRESS! HE SHOULD HAVE FUNDED THE WALL IN THOSE TWO YEARS!"  This one is partially correct since he's only had ONE budget to approve since he's been in office. 

Trump was elected in November 2016 and sworn in January 2017.  The budget for fiscal year 2017 was already in place since it was passed in the Autumn of 2016 prior to him taking the oath of office. 

In the autumn of 2017 he was handed a budget where he said, “I say to Congress: I will never sign another bill like this again. I’m not going to do it.”  He said he wouldn't sign another budget like the one for fiscal year 2018 again because Congress gave the border wall funding $1.6 billion.  Keep that in mind, Trump specifically told them he would not sign another budget without the requested funding. 

The left now has the audacity to pretend to be shocked that Trump is sticking to what he said.  Of course, they get away with it due to the ignorance of their side and the weak-willed Republicans who didn't say "To Hell with my 'Career' in politics, I need to do what's right for America."  They also know if they can get Trump to back down, that will be his "Read my lips, no new taxes," moment.  Besides, they don't have skin in the game, they aren't the ones suffering.

How long will it take before you realize YOU ARE BEING USED?

How completely, utterly stupid is the Democrat leadership?  Rather than take this advantage to leverage the President for something they really, really want and give him the border wall, they are forcing the government shutdown.

But the media, and the uninformed, blame Trump.

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K T Cat said...

Amen, brother.