Friday, September 28, 2012

MSNBC Busted Again

Yesterday I posted a video by Bradlee Dean exposing how CNN lied to us during the first Gulf War.  How he claimed to be in Saudi Arabia, when he was actually on a set acting.  Looking back at the clip it was actually a pretty poorly built set reminding me more of a Saturday Night Live skit than an actual real set.  Sadly I watched CNN obsessively during the war as right around prime time the bombings usually kicked up.
I was reading my morning blogroll and at I Own the World they linked to an article covered by The Blaze.  MSNBC is caught manipulating the sound at a Romney/Ryan rally to try to put Romney in a poor light.
Here is a link to the article, but I embedded the videos from the page below.
First up, the MSNBC clip from "Morning Joe".

Next up is a caller to the "Pat and Stu" show who claims to have been at the Rally.

Last but not least another camera angle and sound from CSPAN.

Folks, if you're reading this you better be educating yourself.  I'm not a huge Romney fan but I think he will do better than Obama.  When the Republican candidates were being vetted I knew Romney was the guy Obama wanted to go up against.  Didn't anyone else wonder why all these skeletons from every other candidate came up, but they couldn't find ANYTHING bad enough to make Romney fall out of the race?

Once again we are faced with picking the lesser of two evils and you have to ask yourself WHY are clips being manipulated?  This happened with Zimmerman's 911 call on NBC and again with Romney.  How many other times have we been lied to.

(BTW: before anyone throws out the "FauxNews" argument, I agree they cannot be trusted either.  We are responsible for our OWN EDUCATION!  With the internet and endless access to information we have no excuse.)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Writer's Block

Writing is so weird.

I hate sitting down and being "In the Zone (tm)" and having to do something I really try to avoid... You know... Like work or rescuing my children from harm or something like that.  It never fails that when I come back the masterpiece I have been looking at resembles a week old poo stain in the underwear of life.

I've got several different stories I have been fleshing out and mulling over the ideas, but I never seem to have the time to sit down and put the mess of scenes together.

Heck, I don't even have time to do IAMFAIL comics anymore.  This sucks.

Anyway, I have a short kid's story I wrote that I need to find the full copy of again.  Frustratingly I can only find the first half of it.  If it doesn't show up I guess it'll get a re-write, if I do find it then I think it's time for a few illustrations, a write up and I'll throw it up on "Cafepress."

Let me ask my tens of readers (I know your out there, I can hear you breathing) would you like an audio version of a couple of kid's stories for free?  I have one I think would work pretty well worked up like an old time radio broadcast or maybe one of them with the illustrations set up as a movie, where the kids could watch it like I'm reading them a story.

Without the creepy factor of me actually visiting your kids and reading to them while I'm wearing my PJ's.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

9-11 (The Sequel)

After what is going on in Egypt and Libya with the riots at our embassies and the murder of our citizens I wanted to hear a strong speech which united Americans and made us know everything would be all right.

I didn't expect much and I wasn't surprised by the limp-wristed response from POTUS.

I Own the World (peas be upon them) is participating in a campaign to add to President Obama's library.

I submitted my contribution.

This will look pretty good next to my birth certificate!

I suggest you all go and add yours. I'm tired of being crapped on by people around the world.