Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Nancy Grace is an IDIOT!

I am watching Nancy Grace's show. If it wasn't so sad and or about my friend it would be funny. I have never seen anyone who is so absolutely out of her mind. I don't think she is even listening to anything Eric's lawyer has said.

By the way Nancy, his lawyer isn't the one who said the shooting was an accident.

All in all an amazing series of random statements and ideas you threw together. No wonder SNL makes fun of you.

I think I'll go listen to WNOX News Talk 100.3 in Knoxville.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tech Haiku

Dedicated to Telco...

Yell and scream Loser.
I can read your message trace.
It's your fault, Dummy!


Call comes in. Telco tells the tech he is sending National ISDN 2 information in his SETUP message even though he is running Nortel protocol.

Interesting I think.

I look at the trace, the tech has pointed out what Telco is griping about. In our Calling Party Number and Called Party Number we code it as National Number (which his protocol analyzer shows as National 2).


Nice, National Numbering Plan means we are sending ten digits (Following the North American Numbering Plan). So we are perfectly correct in sending it. What is REALLY funny is the fact that the RELEASE COMPLETE message which has the Cause Value shows the Cause as being "Channel not available."

Nothing to do with number format.

It's really funny how someone with a protocol analyzer can yell and scream and convince techs it's their fault, when they have NO idea what they are looking at.

Oh well, that's why I am here.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


OK, so I just found out Eric is supposed to show up on the Today show tomorrow morning for an interview from Jail. I don't know what all is happening, I still have to go back and watch Norman and Tonya in their interview.

Jen and I mailed letters to him today. We're both worried sick.

I saw his wife apparently tried to kill herself. I can only hope and pray his kids are being watched after by their grandmother. They don't deserve any of this.

Work is Overtaking My Life

OK, I am officially pooped.

Work has consumed me and I am running like crazy from the minute I get here until I leave. Right now I am waiting for a callback for more information so I can post information (more paperwork).

meanwhile tech is talking to another engineer. Tech has an ISDN span with the B Channels set for AT&T protocol and the D Channel set for NI-2 Protocol. He is complaining calls get dropped occasionally and Telco is talking about call-by-call service.

"Great," I say, "Telco needs to tell you what protocol you are running so you can have all your channels running the right protocol AND THEN you need to find out what call by call services they are using."

Step. By. Step.

It isn't RUN then WALK.

Monday, March 19, 2007


OK, so I haven't really blogged about this (or much of anything lately). It's not that I don't care, but I found out my friend Eric McLean is in jail right now.

I have known Eric since high school and he is a kind an generous person. I can't really comment too much without worrying about his case (although anything I posted would be hearsay anyway). I just want to put on here that he is my friend and there is more to the story than what has been released so far.

I think I'll throw a permanent link up in the right hand bar and post links to news stories as they come in.

Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Wacking Has Begun!

OK, so the rumor mill states eight people have been wacked out of one of our areas. I personally am waiting to see what develops.

Perhaps Haiku later. Gotta go now.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tech Haiku

Quick, bury your head!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Another engineer works with a tech for an hour and a half on an IP Gateway device.

Programming looks good, Gateway is set up correctly, can ping back and forth on the network. but the Gateway will not come up.

We check the licensing on the software CD, and it is OK. We check in the PBX and don't see it. We go back and forth on what could be wrong.

After all this the tech finally says...

"Oh, guys, this software never got loaded. I wasn't here to do it and I guess no one did."


So after 90 minutes of troubleshooting with multiple engineers he realizes he hasn't checked the very first thing he should have checked BEFORE calling in.

I'm not bitter, just amazed.

No One Here

Oh well, today at jobtopia, we have several absences, so we have the potential for major backups.

I, myself, get to enjoy the wonders of setting up a new test and trying to reverse engineer more applications.

Oh well. Sigh. It's a living here at the hub of the Telecom universe.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday Catblogging

I have decided my blog is pretty bland without photos (I mean really, how much griping about tech support can one guy do). Sooooo.

This is a picture of Nancy (The Destroyer) looking out of my bedroom window during a recent dust storm. Personally I think she was defending us from paper sneaking up on us.

I love her to death, but she has issues with paper. Apparently paper is evil and she feels she MUST DESTROY IT!

Be prepared for princess photos etc... Could be worse, I could talk about the OSI model and the different layers.


Thursday, March 08, 2007

Send Us Your Dollars Yankee

OK, I ran across this while loading something (it's still loading, so I am not shirking duties). It infuriates me!

OK Brazil. You don't want America coming and cutting deals which would be beneficial to us. I understand you want something out of it, but HELLO, if we don't get SOMETHING out of it it's called charity. Mutually beneficial deals are the way a free market economy works.

Apparently America trying to get something for the monetary investment we put into another country is WRONG. Our money is only good if we are just HANDING IT OUT.

Look folks, you will get money for an ethanol deal. If you don't want it fine. Enjoy your "Pristine" rain forest and continue to live like you are. We will keep our money and raise the corn for ethanol here (which is what we should do anyway).

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

EEEEEEK! A Crisis!

OK, so major problems at a hot profile site. Everyone is on edge because we want to get it working.


Apparantly everybody but the tech working on it. It's now 4:40PM (that's 16:40 to you military types) and he is just now calling in to follow up.

20 minutes until I go home and have a beer.

Tech Haiku

System not working right?
Dangle a carrot, for us?
We swear it works now!

Squirrel in the Attic

Hmmmm, we have a squirrel in the attic. I have to come up with a plan to remove the rodent.

Firebomb... nope, too messy.

Machine gun.... nope, too messy

Shove one of these worthless cats up in the wall to chase him out... nope, the cats are strictly ornamental. They don't chase anything but each other and we're lucky to get them to eat something out of a bowl, much less something which runs from them.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tech Haiku

Conversation bad?
Program the switch correctly.
Conversation good!

Tummy Tuesday

Two tummies for the price of one! Thank you lisaviolet for Tummy Tuesday!

Tech Haiku

Didn't get this out yesterday afternoon...

Now you call and scream.
Why do you cry for support?
You should play by rules.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Success in the World

OK, to be successful in this world (with a few exceptions) you have to be:

1. A Jerk
2. Stupid

Unfortunately for me, only one of the two does not qualify you. It's up to you to decide which one I fall under. I'm not helping.


Nope not the city. My kid Phoenix complains about no one ever visiting his blog.

Last post February 18th.

'Cmon son. Put a little effort into it. No 100 word story. No tech Haiku. No exciting pictures. No quirky cat photos.

Take this for instance...

Here his sister, Sadie is having a bad day. Does Mom help? Nope, she takes a picture.

Poor Sadie, trauma for little girl, but good blog fodder.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Tech Haiku

Can you not plan ahead?
Server downtime not your plan?
Not my problem, Dude!

What a RIP!

I can't believe it! I decide to eat some Baked Lays. I pay my 75 cents, shake the machine to get my bag. I open it while savoring the aroma of bar-b-que and I see...

This stinks! Enough airspace to fly the Hindenburg!

Business is Good

OK, so I haven't done anything exciting in the blog-o-sphere for a while now. I truly have been busy.

Which WOULD normally make me gripe, but I am happy to say, right now busy, busy, busy means, I am employeed and needed.

So hooray for me.


Two magnets and a signed CD of the 100 word stories (thanks my friend). So I will be listening to them as I putter around the house now.