Saturday, July 30, 2011

While I Work

I like to hit my little space at the back of the living room where I do my artwork, recording and blogging.

Sometimes I feel I am being watched though.

Other times I am working, Sato decides he is not pleased with what I am working on.

Nothing like 20 pounds of blubber on your drawing desk to slow down progress. I swear I think a Japanese whaler will be after him soon.

Friday, July 22, 2011

A Visual Aide

So, wonder what our debt looks like? Wonder what all the fuss is?

I Own The World linked to a great representation. You should go view it and ponder our future.

Socialism #FAIL

How Ironic. I parused over to WorldNetDaily (World NUT Daily) and found the following from Van Jones:

I left a comment (I know, waste of time) recommending some of the folks over there read a particular book. I felt it would make a good Political Outburt post so I logged in here to write my post and I saw my buddy KT Cat already had a post up on the same kind of thing.

The book is called Mig Pilot and tells the story of Victor Belenko who was a Mig 25 pilot in the 1970s. Disallusioned with the failure of the Soviet system he made an escape from his Russian base to an airbase in Japan where he defected and became a US citizen.

Anyone who supports socialism and government economic control, should really read this and see a firsthand account of what life is really like under that kind of system. Just like every time the government promises something and it always seems to fail, in the long run everything fails. I read it as a teen and I can't recommend it enough. I think it's something every teen who feels they are "Owed Something" should read.

"The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money." ~ Margaret Thatcher

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Pet

I hope God will help me. We have another pet.

Last night THE WIFE found a little "House Gekko" on her iPod. She used a peanut butter jar to catch him and was about to release him when she decided the girls might like to see him.

Of course Sadie LOVED him. She wound up going and buying a home for him and crickets for him to eat. She also named him. His name is...

Tinkerbell and the Fairy Treasure

That is not a misprint. HE is named "Tinkerbell and the Fairy Treasure." I expect him to make a tiny noose and do himself in with a name like that.

Friday, July 15, 2011

What's Up With Remakes

The Thing?

<a href="{from}" target="'_new'" title="'&#39;The">Video: &#39The Thing&#39 Movie Trailer</a>

Friday, July 08, 2011

Musings On The Space Shutte

I remember watching the start of the shuttle program. A quick review of Wikipedia confirms what I remember, laying in the floor of my Grandfather's home with him beside me as we watched the launch on TV. I recalled it being just he and I and it being pretty early morning (it was April 12, 1981 at 7AM) and being a kid I was obviously facinated (I would have been 8 at the time).

For some reason on January 28, 1986 I was home from school. I remember it was around lunchtime when my mom called up to me and said something was wrong with the shuttle. I remember her saying, "I think it blew up." I watched the news covereage in disbelief for the rest of the day.

Flash forward to February 1, 2003. I was trying to motivate myself to get back into my workout routine. I had lost around 70 pounds and fallen off the wagon (still haven't made it back on) so I was riding my bike around our apartment complex. I rounded the northwest corner of the complex and off to the south I saw a HUGE flaming object which for some reason I took to be an asteroid. I had seen another shuttle re-entry and should have IMMEDIATELY made the connection, but for some reason I didn't.

I remember thinking wherever that thing finally hit it was going to be pretty horrendous. I watched it for a few seconds and noticed smaller pieces breaking away and was relieved that it was breaking up. I watched it break up and the pieces falling to Earth, then hopped on my bike and rolled into the garage. I went up to tell THE WIFE what I had seen when I noticed on the TV a shot of mission control and heard the voiceover announce they had lost contact with Columbia.

Let that sink it... I knew before Mission Control did that Columbia broke up and fell to earth losing all aboard.

Today, I watched the shuttle Atlantis launch on the final mission of the shuttle fleet. Instead of lying on my belly in front of a TV, I watched standing at my desk at work streaming from I have no idea what we plan to do for our next phase of space exploration (and apparently neither does our government but as fouled up as things are tha tis probably for the best) but I pondered on being there for the begining and end of a piece of American history.

Were were you, when these events happened and have you talked to your kids about how they are watching history unfold every day?