Monday, January 07, 2019

Amusing Myself - January, 7th Edition

These are the things I do to amuse myself and prevent me from committing homicide.

First up, a drawing I did for Dan Bongino (which he'll probably never find).  I thought it might make a funny shirt for his "Chum Store."

Dan Bongino - Action Figure!

Or, he could let his youngest daughter print this one off and use her daddy as a coloring sheet.

Dan Bongino - The Coloring Book!

Next up, YouTuber Nick Rekieta (aka Nicky Rackets) of Rekieta Law.  I wanted to give him something I enjoyed more than his "Anime Lawyer" look.  It's... OK...

"Eat a hand grenade" is my favorite Nicky Rackets quote of all time.  Suck it Mark Zaid.

Finally... I got some slight amusement from Ya Boi Zack at COMICS MATTER (formerly Diversity and Comics).  In a video review for the comic "Hex Wives" he read and commented this:

I didn't specify Kanji in my translation, but he led to this line of thinking for me.  This is what happens when I get an idea stuck in my head.
Yeah... I think I need therapy.

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