Thursday, May 12, 2011

Cube Squatter


I am firmly settled into life here at SERVERCO where I do "Something" with computers.  Its amazing how some things never change.  For example: A window cube is always a coveted prize. It gives the cube-dweller a glimpse to outside and an opportunity to dream of freedom.

I had one once...

Anyway, we have a squatter in our area.  She isn't in our group, but she has a coveted "Window Cube" and she refuses to move.  My manager is a SUPER nice guy who is trying to politely "Hint" that she needs to move along so we can use the cube.

She pretends not to take the hint.

Today she LOUDLY laughed and chatted on her phone while the rest of us minions were buried Powershell and tried to drown her out with "Megadeth" on Zune...

I feel that the Cube Squatter MUST BE OVERTHROWN!!!! 

Challenge Accepted!