Saturday, January 05, 2019

Communism Today

I ran across an article titled Rich kid of Communism: Fidel Castro's model grandson flashes his wealth and love of the high life on Instagram as he travels the world and I had questions.

The first question was, whatever happened to "Keep it Brief"?  That title is awful.

The second question was, "Why is this noteworthy?"  Then I remembered, this is 2019 and everyone thinks Socialism is great and Communism is simply misunderstood, or not implemented correctly.

As for the first question, I'll leave that to better minds than mine to address.  The second question is the one I'm much more interested in.

Summarizing the article, Tony Castro, the grandson of Fidel Castro, has been on the receiving end of criticism for "Flaunting" his family's wealth through a series of posts on social media.  (Link to his Instagram which is currently set to private.)

The article shares some photos grabbed from the account.  Photos of Castro taking a holiday in Madrid, Spain, relaxing on a yacht in the ocean, driving around in a BMW, visiting Barcelona, Panama City, etc...

Where did the Castro wealth come from? I'm a Capitalist at heart so an individual's EARNED wealth doesn't bother me, however, wealth earned through years of brutal dictatorship does bother me.  I've watched with dismay the rise of Socialists in America and the public embrace of their beliefs.  Socialism is best described as a stepping stone to Communism and I'd like to take this opportunity to remind readers, Cuba is a Communist state.

From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.

The idea behind Socialism is to redistribute the wealth of the masses so all are taken care of. (Sound familiar? "Spread the Wealth Around" anyone?)  The high level difference between the two is how the wealth is distributed. 

Socialism is the Utopian idea that everyone works, doing what they can and the fruit of their labor is shared for the benefit of all.  Often, the Pilgrims are cited as an example of Socialism.  I find it odd that a Kibbutz is never listed, but that's a separate story to itself.

Communism is the Utopian idea that everyone works and "Gives" a central authority the fruit of their labor.  The central authority then distributes the wealth to the masses.  This is what we faced in the Cold War and is the economic structure of Cuba.

While Socialism can work, at least in theory on a small level, and while governments around the world implement some Socialistic ideas, large scale Socialism and Communism will fail, and has failed, every time it has been implemented.  (To cut off the arguments about the UK has socialized medicine in the NHS and the US has Medicare and Social Security so Socialism WORKS, read the links included.)

This is where I have to point out, people who argue for Socialism and Communism state it has failed every single time because it wasn't a "True" implementation.  No, I refute that by saying it wasn't the flaws in implementation, it was the flaws in humanity.

Rather than boring you further by vomiting up reference after reference, which the vast majority never read, I'll keep it simple and ask you to think back to school:

Your assignment is to create a presentation for your class.  You are in a team of four and the work is to be divided equally among you.  Additionally, the end grade will be the same for all of you.  Each of you divide up the assigned tasks, and the plan is set.

As the deadline for the presentation draws near, two of the team have already completed their portion, one is struggling with their portion and needs assistance, while the last hasn't done anything but post selfies on Social Media.

The two team members who have completed their portion, pitch in to assist the struggling team member to complete their portion of the project.  The three of them then team up to push the final member to complete their portion.

Now, my question for you is, "How does the presentation end?"  I ask this because this has happened to me when I was in school, it has happened to others I know and it has happened to my children.  I'm curious how did it end for you, Reader?

Sometimes the lazy team member throws their portion together at the last moment dragging everyone else's overall grade down due to their shoddy work.

Sometimes the other team members all band together like they did for the struggling team member and do the work for the lazy member.

Sometimes, the other three are angry enough, that they refuse to do the work for the lazy team member and let the blame fall.  Of course, in this ending, they take the grade hit for their stance.  (Keep in mind the lazy team member did nothing and benefits with a partial grade rather than the deserved "0".)

Socialism, can only work when everyone works.  Yes, some people cannot work due to disability or other factors.  Some will have to work harder than others.  Some people simply will not work because they are lazy and know they will get the same regardless if they work or not.  Some people step up as leaders and take more than their fair share so there is not enough to be distributed.

I worked with a brilliant man as a co-worker for 11 years who escaped from Romania during the height of the cold war.  He was a long time friend of another man who I worked under for most of those 11 years who had also escaped from Romania.  I had the honor of hearing their story of escape from my friend and what life was like under Communist rule.  Their story reinforced my belief in the blessings America has been given and also reinforced that what we learned from the Cold War was true.  I don't believe the youth of today understand that the US didn't need propaganda to paint Communist countries in a poor light, Communism in itself took care of that.  The US only had to share the truth.

The evening of November 9, 1989 I watched on television as, for the first time in my life, people climbed on top of the Berlin Wall and began tearing it down.  All of my life it was an established, indisputable fact that trying to cross from East Berlin to the West would result in being shot on the spot.  The Berlin Wall coming down marked the death of the Cold War.  Little did I realize that with the end of the Cold War, Socialism and Communism would begin spreading their lies with renewed vigor.  I never imagined that within  thirty years, people around the world would have already begun to have forgotten the horrors of what went on behind the Iron Curtain.

Age has made me cynical, but it has also made me realize how naive humans are.  I will always remember the stories of my friends' struggles and I swear to "Never Forget."  I vow to speak out so my children and grandchildren will be safe and secure in their future.

I pray we never move beyond a war of words.

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