Thursday, July 23, 2015

Monthly Check-In

Time for the Monthly check-in.

My back is still terrible... Meh...

I am trying out for a band.  I am kind of excited about this one because it is a Christian Hard Rock band.  I really like the guys in the band and I'm having a great time jamming with them and learning their stuff.  I should know if the next bit if I'm in or not, but whatever happens I'm leaving it up to God.

THE WIFE (She Who Must Be Obeyed) is doing well as are the kids.  Ben is still Ben and has adapted to High School very well.  Despite what he thinks I think of him, I love him and I am very, very proud of him.

Chris has graduated and is looking at a career in law enforcement.  I'm running a doc through the printer for him as I type for his next phase of the interview process.

Andrew (The Boy in the Bubble) has his own family.  A lovely wife and daughter who I adore and he is a hard working father.  He puts his family first and I am extremely proud of him.

The girls are their adorable selves.  Always with smiles, whines or random acts of annoyance they make my day.  Lucie is a Whovian (although she is a HUGE fan of the 12th doctor and I'm still not there yet) while Sadie is my Scooby Doo buddy.  I secretly fear she only watches the show to amuse me, but hey, WHATEVER WORKS AMIRIGHT?

I hope my friends are doing well.  I have asked Lucie and Sadie to contribute cartoons to the blog, but nothing yet.  We'll see how the future goes.