Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Fighting Back

I am embracing my Socialist side! Join me in my awakening!

It is time we "Spread the Wealth Around!" It is high time we demand our football players spread the millions of dollars they make every season to those who don't have enough.

"From each according to his ability, to each according to his need."

It is important to see these greedy people shore with the humanity they represent. Football players make too much money. It's time we demand they "Spread the Wealth Around!"

The NFL Takes A Knee

I have to admit, the NFL initially pissed me off pretty bad. I have one love on TV that has kept me from cutting the cord and dropping cable entirely and that is sports. My life is pretty bland and boring, so the evening baseball game in the Summer, or football game in the Fall/Winter makes life pretty enjoyable.

I admit, the stretch between the Super Bowl and Opening Day for Baseball is pretty bleak.

This year the geniuses who play football got into a pee-pee measuring contest with Donald Trump. Folks, none of these people can put aside their ego long enough to go, "This is stupid, I'm not wasting my time responding."

I'm pissed; very pissed. The one bit of joy I have on Monday, Sunday and Thursday is gone. I'm not watching the idiots this season, it's ruined for me. I have scanned by long enough to see a few plays and then I move on. They make me sick and they are not getting my money.

I'm not going to burn my gear, I've already paid for that. It will just sit in my closet until I either resell it for profit, or the football players are hurt bad enough that I decide I'm done being vengeful.

I admit I am taking glee every time I see a football game where the stands are half-full. I'm not posting the photos because I'm not going to argue with the Comic Book Guys who make up the Internet telling me "That was at halftime you idiot."

I'm going to put a second post with a second way we can attack the football players. It's time to use the tactics of the Left against themselves.