Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why Am I Up Late Again?

Backing up the surviving pictures that's why.

Well, that and actually trying to get some art work done.  I think I'll swing by Michael's tomorrow and pick up a draftsman's brush for my eraser shavings and a set of illustrator pens.  I have been happier with my colors in the last few drawings, but I am definitely not happy with the inking and such from today's add on.

Oh well, inspiration isn't supposed to be perfect, it's an excuse to practice cartooning myself in my Witten jersey anyway.

One more game for the Cowboys (against the Eagles).  I wonder if Van wants to make a bet (odds are definitely in his favor).

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

IAMFAIL December 28th, 2010 (Learn From My FAIL)

There are those who have lost data, and those who will lose data.
Yep, it finally happened.  My external drive bit the dust.  The one I had been meaning to back up.  The one with kids pictures from all different ages, pictures from my trips, tons of music and software.  Work emails I had archived for when I eventually get put out to pasture.

I was pretty depressed and kicking myself in the butt.  Working in tech support I know failure is inevitable and a good set of backups makes the hurt much easier to deal with.  I broke one of my own rules which is to back up religiously.

Oh well.  I checked out the hard drive and the problem is the motor is seized.  Apparently this is fairly common for Seagate external drives, they take a good shock and BLAMMO.

While I mourn my lost data I will see if I can send it off to get the data recovered by removing the disks and replacing the motor.  It isn't likely, but there is a possibility.

Adding to my paranoia is the fact I couldn't find my software bag.  That would be the one with all my OS's and my copy of Paint Shop.  Without Paint Shop, life may end for me.

OK, whining over.  Enjoy the look of total dismay on my illustrated face.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Messing With The Layout

Sorry for the layout changes. As you all hit the page you may find some nausea inducing changes from time to time and I apologize for that. I am experimenting with layouts for a web comic I am hoping to roll out next month.

IAMFAIL is fun as a one panel thing, but basically I get a chuckle out of it and that is about it. I am looking to make the move to multi panel gags where I can hope to develop beyond the potty humor and inside jokes I have now. Also I would like to hit the point where I can make some cash off of what I am doing and justify it.

I'll keep everyone in the loop and if urls or anything changes I will try to make it obvious.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Keys Con Work Order Summary

Mission Successful!
Work Order:

Problem: Wet spots in carpet
Solution: Japanese Chin apprehended and released in natural environment of Tokyo
Time of Job: 15 seconds

Monday, December 20, 2010

IAMFAIL December 20th, 2010

Brett Favre provides photographic proof of a "Suspicious Package"
This one is dedicated to my good friend @Falahime.  Merry Christmas little sis!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rules? Who Needs Rules?

Today was interesting.  First off we had to pull Ben out of school after the school gave THE WIFE notice that he wasn't doing so well.  They felt like he isn't doing so well, blah blah blah...

Whatever, the writing is on the wall, so the boy is now home schooled for the rest of the year.

Now, in dealing with this, I got called by some managers about a site that is so angry. (Score one).  They are threatening to pull our server. (Score two).  They don't feel like they are getting good enough support. (Score three).  And several more sales depend on this getting fixed which will result in thousands of dollars in revenue. (TECH SUPPORT BINGO!!!!)

Here is the situation; our sever has a list of phones we have tested and deemed to be fully compatible.  The salesholes push the fact we are SIP based and that any SIP phone will work on our system, but tend to forget that if we haven't tested for full compatibility, there may be some things that don't work right.  This can be caused by things being implemented in different methods or a bug on one side or the other.  I admit, we aren't perfect, but we are pretty good.

The important thing is to remember if the phones have not been fully tested, we do not guarantee full compatibility.  Basically that is a big red flag which stops troubleshooting.  If it works on a phone that is fully tested and not one one that isn't, boom, we are supposed to punt the problem away.

So of course we have a HUGE site which just purchased our server with a bunch of Cisco SIP phones that are not on our fully compatible list.  Sure enough, there is a bug with the Cisco terminal.  Does our reseller call Cisco and demand they fix the bug?


They call us and demand we figure out some way to make these terminals which are not on our fully compatible list and have a bug (a bug that I have proven is legitimate and Cisco supposedly fixed several loads back) because THEY SOLD THEM TO THE CUSTOMER!

What's really sad.

Because cash is being threatened, I have been asked to try to figure out some way to make it happen.

Why make rules that you won't enforce?  Why not just say, sure we'll have our minion get right on it.

Whatever; you guys pay my salary.

Monday, December 13, 2010

IAMFAIL December 13th, 2010

Stick Figure MacGuyver to the rescue!
With a tiny stick of gum, a tiny mullet and a tiny paper clip Stick Figure MacGuyver makes his great escape into the dark corners of the universe.


Friday, December 10, 2010

I Often Wonder About The Power Of Toilet Paper

Picture is not of me, I shamelessly stole it.
Click on the mummy to visit the site.
Am I the only one who is skeptical about the benefits of using a toilet bib to protect your from the various diseases you can catch from the toilet seat?

I mean if taking a few bits of toilet paper and laying them on the toilet seat provides you with an impenetrable barrier barrier between your butt and the seat, wouldn't the Army be outfitting soldiers with that instead of chemical warfare suits?


So with that said, you should defininitely perform a pre poop test flush to avoid any embarrassing traps.

And toilet paper, those bibs don't work too well for anything except covering the seat.

Yeah, you're welcome.  Learn from my failures.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Still Alive (Mostly)

For everyone who is still with me, I am alive.  I'm sorry that nothing funny has been popping up but I have really been kicking butt non stop on church stuff after work so I have next to no time to blog or draw.

We went to the Dallas Christmas Parade and I have great things to tell, just need time to tell it.  Plus we saw Glenn Beck and I got him to crack a grin after he shook the hands of the kids.  All these things I must tell.

I'm sad that my oldest son was fired from his job today.  From what he tells us he made a mistake and wound up costing Toys R Us some cash.  He's posted on facebook that he isn't supposed to talk about it so I'll leave it at that.  Regardless, he is now in the job hunt so if anyone needs a scrawny young man with a wacky goatee and a general air of homelessness about them, I have the man for you.

Keep the faith all.