Friday, March 01, 2013

My Eyes Are Bleeding From The Stupid

When I work sometimes I'll listen to podcasts to pass the time (believe it or not, going through several Gigs worth of logs can be mind numbing after a while).  I've found a couple I like such as Better Off Undead (, The Self Publishing Podcast ( and The No Sleep Podcast ( which are on my subscription list.

I also enjoy listening to conspiracy stuff from time to time and I had one today that I finally deleted from my hard drive because I couldn't take the stupidity anymore.  It's The Hagman and Hagman Report (no link, they don't deserve it).

Live from Mom's basement!

Not only are they constantly going off the air because they keep screwing up their board and messing with things mid show (and blaming it on the government because they're getting the truth out) but the podcast I listened to today had a 9-11 truther on.  If you want to argue who was responsible for taking the WTC down or even if explosives were used, OK, fine, I understand that much. But this lady not only argued the planes hitting the buildings didn't take them down she argued the building was destroyed by some unknown technology which left no rubble, only dust.

Nothing to see here... Only dust... Move along.


The grand moment came when she talked about the WTC "Surfer" who rode the building down as FACT. A quick check of Snopes ( lists two guys who survived who weren't on the ground, but they were simply luck to not have been crushed and hardly "Surfed" the building. 

Adding to the masterpiece she attempted to reason that the seismic events weren't large enough to be from the collapse of the buildings, so they had to be disintegrated and my eyes stared bleeding.  She was using the FULL MASS of each building as a guideline.  The buildings collapsed in on themselves; the numbers she used would have been equal to the buildings "Jumping" up in the air and falling back into place.

Further proof Darwin was wrong because the gene pool should have cleaned out by now.  I proudly present them with "The Polished Turd Award" for this week!