Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Our son Chris was in Chicago for United States Sea Cadet Corps basic training.  THE WIFE, Ben, Sadie and Lucie all packed up and went with me to get him.  We were excited to get the boy and were staying until Tuesday when we were driving back to Dallas.

Sunday we lost air conditioning at the house.  TBITB gathered the pets up and had them with him and was trying to keep them cool.  When he went to bed he kenneled the dogs up, but Cujo our Japanese Chin puppy didn't make it.  The heat was just too much for her.

THE WIFE and I are heartbroken and the girls are beside themselves right now.  I never knew such a little puppy could take up such a huge place in your heart.

God rest your soul, Cujo.  You were the best little puppy I ever owned.  I miss you and always love you.
Cujo 2009-2010

Friday, June 25, 2010

IAMFAIL - June 25th 2010

So I kick off my web comic with a picture of my comic rather than a scan because things just didn't come together.  This was from THE WIFE and the "Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies" slogan.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Proof My Son Is Alive

Chris, my 13 year old is obviously alive and somewhat well.  He is in the Naval Sea Cadet Corps and is currently in Great Lakes, IL for training.  Just like regular boot camp, he can't call us, BUT they do post pictures.
Nice haircut!
Chris is the one in the Birth Control Glasses.  Thank God he wore those instead of his contacts otherwise we could NEVER find him in the pictures.  We'll see how he holds up.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One Coming Soon

THE WIFE and I have been talking it over and the technology market glut combined with my personal happiness has led me to the realization she is absolutely correct.  I need to branch out and find a way to make money with art and writing.

I announced it on twitter, but I am spreading out.  I am going to start at least a weekly web comic here (for now) and continue with my illustrations for editorial cartoons and humor.  I will also be starting up greeting cards for Birthday and other... um... awkward occasions, so anything you see on here that you like, contact me if you would like a shirt, print, card, poster etc... I am going into business for myself.

I will post the first episode of the web comic here on next Friday and it will post every Friday after that.  The comic name will be "IAMFAIL" inspired by my daughter Lucie.

The latest political cartoon I will put up by this weekend is in the works and if you follow me on twitter, you can already guess the details.
Spooky! You Betcha!
Wish me luck and thanks to all my friends out there.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Back in 1985 the movie "Back to the Future" burst onto the scene and we LOVED IT!  The idea was Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) went back in time and met his parents before they fell in love.  The problem is him mom got the hots for him, which caused problems for his very existence.

If your mom got the hots for you and never met your dad, you would cease to exist.  But if that was the case how could you go back and steal your mom from you dad.

Time travel paradoxes kind of where the basis of the films and wrap up nerds for hours arguing points.  (Not to mention how confused THE WIFE gets trying to follow Back to the Future II and it's interweaving with the first movie).

But forget that, lets think about if your mom looked like Lea Thompson from the movie and was squeezing your leg under the dinner table.

Va va va VOOM!
Anyway, I digress.  Seriously, she was so hot back in the day that I am sure I am not the only young man who was tormented with the temptation to take a shot at... uh.... MOM? EWWWWWWWWWWW.

Oh jeeze, this is the kind of stuff reserved for Alabama jokes, but IT'S LEA THOMPSON DOGGONE IT!

Cute, innocent with those big brown eyes and the "I've never seen anyone with purple underwear before..."

She's lucky I met THE WIFE otherwise I might still be stalking her.  Of course I shaved my goatee off this week so THE WIFE is annoyed with me because I look like I am 12.

I'll be able to have a conversation with her again in two weeks when I have some semblance of scruff back on my chin.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Childhood Memories FAIL!

Growing up as a sheltered lad in the hills of East Tennessee I was kind of culturally...

devoid?  Is that the right word.  Sure.

OK, so I recall my Mom telling em Dad had a friend coming over from work and to be good.  I don't remember much from the lead up, but I seem to recall I wanted to impress him for some reason.  When eh came over there wasn't anything special except for...

he was a black man.

Me being the young, innocent, sheltered youth I was decided I needed to find common ground with Dad's friend so we could bond.  What would a small white redneck and a large black man have in common?  I reached deep into the recesses of my mind and said:

"Hey, hey, hey.  It's Fat Albert!"

Come on! Fat Albert was all the rage back then (the 70s') and besides.  The dude laughed his butt off, although I think Mom had a stroke.

Thursday, June 03, 2010


Thank you to everyone for the encouragement.  I feel better and promise to not drag you all away from my inane ramblings and juvenile drawings.

As I believe I mentioned, we went camping over the Memorial Day weekend, I survived and we came back with as many children as we left with so it was a success. However I am enjoying a bunch of new friends...

That's right...
Needless to say I am not pleased with this latest development, but I am looking on the bright side.  I got them on my feet.  Several of the boys who went camping with us got them in their "Special Place."


Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Warning! Downer Post Ahead!

I am kind of in a funk.  Over the weekend I had an anxiety attack while camping and in my depression I started overthinking everything in my life.  Things suck when you love your family, are relatively happy with your job, are financially stable (mostly), have great friends, believe in God and still think about ending it all.

I decided to delete this blog as I never have time to write on it anymore and I have made one illustration in the last couple of months, but I hate to do it as the smart aleck side of me still needs an outlet from time to time.  Lets face it, 140 characters just isn't enough sometimes.


Tonight I got kind of depressed when I found out someone I enjoyed talking to from time to time unfollowed me on twitter.  Obviously I need to get out more.

In work related news, I am now working on the Windows Server based PBX we sell (again).  I was asked to move over because one of the support guys was leaving.  That would leave them with ONE which is NOT ENOUGH.  So I agreed to move over, then the second support guy got another job and left leaving us with ONE... Ie: me.

I found out today however, when ONE is ME, ONE is ENOUGH, for some reason.  OK, well the reason is cost cutting measures.  So I am the lead on tech support, and then we have a supervisor who backs me up and another engineer who's main job is DQA.  The supervisor floats between the two of us helping out.

I guess, I need to look on the bright side and enjoy the challenge.  Maybe I need to update my Linked In account.