Friday, October 31, 2008

Home With THE WIFE

THE WIFE is feeling ill today so I am burning a sick day and staying home with her. She is on the phone so I am running to the computer to feed my online addiction.

I am plotting what to do for Halloween. I figure a big fat guy in a mask running at a kid with a weed wacker or something will scare the crap out of the little rugrats. We'll see. The front yard is a graveyard again (literally). It isn't so bad except for when Google Maps did their "Street View," we have a graveyard in our front yard.

Check it out!

Note the gravestones!

So anyway, some confusion.

Also, on a side note, some folks have asked THE WIFE why there is no link to her blog anymore. She has decided not to blog anymore because she doesn't care for everyone in the universe peeking in on her thoughts. Unfortunately I don't generate much traffic outside friends and family but I do get the occasional WACKO who does a drive by. So if you wish to know what is up with THE WIFE, you will have to contact her directly.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Return Of Darth Tater

OK, sorry. I am back.

Things have been very busy at work and all in all I have been pretty happy. That doesn't make for much Blog-Fodder and the lack sarcasm fuel makes it difficult to write in a properly snarky manner.

So, I guess I must share my joys. I am grateful for my wife and family, my friends, my job, my country and my God. I am blessed beyond what I deserve. My job is like what I had originally signed on for. I am given a task and I am expected to perform it. I don't have to play politics, I don't have to deal with people screaming that I didn't help babysit their tech enough and or properly. I don't have to get up and argue with people who have no desire to learn.

I just got back from our quarterly meeting where we were shown the results of the first half. For the first time in a long time, the chart shows us in the black (as compared with my OLD company which was always either just squeaking by, or in the red). I even heard the word "Bonus" mentioned. Our company leaders talked about "Products" and encouraged us to "Think about how we can show the customer value for what they are spending money on." This is wicked crazy compared with the old meetings where we heard how we were going to "Attack the vertical markets," and we "Don't sell products, we need to provide solutions."

It is nice to work for the PHONECO I remember.


Don't worry, something will get my shorts in a twist before long and I'll go off on a tear before you know it.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Just to prove THE WIFE and I are right to our 17 year old son. Please note the line "I am Iron Man" in the Black Sabbath song linked below.

It is the very first line in the song. We cannot help it if no one else knows how to sing.

Friday, October 24, 2008

I Can See Clearly Now The Hair Is Gone

Well, the latest installment in the ongoing adventures with Benjamen occurred last night. Ben was working on his homework (he was having an OK day, not the best, not the worst). For whatever reason, he was annoyed by his hair getting in his eyes so he took a pair of safety scissors with about a two inch blade and "Trimmed" his bangs.

It's a little uneven. I am sure THE WIFE will have some pictures.

I never knew the excitement we would have with kids.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


OK, I am hooked. I have to give it to Shirley Manson for her role in "Terminator, the Sarah Conner Chronicles," she has managed to creep me out.

Shirley was the frontwoman for the band "Garbage" for years and beyond being a heck of a good singer (as well as someone I would secretly LOVE to play bass for... hint hint) she is proving she can act too.

You would think acting like a robot wouldn't be very hard, EXCEPT for she plays a terminator who has taken the place of a corporate executive. This executive also happens to have a daughter. Shirley managed to creep the crap out of me watching this little girl who knows something is "Wrong" with her mom but not knowing what. Shirley managed to emphasize this and make you genuinely worry about the welfare of this little girl as the terminator tries to figure out what to do to make the little girl calm so she doesn't blow her cover.

All in all, excellent turn for a show that is turning out to be a lot more in depth than just a shoot-em-up thirller.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Good Weekend!

OK, so the Cowboys lost (suck eggs Jerry, thanks for trading away the future you doofus) but while Jerry Jones may NOT HAVE LEARNED ANYTHING FROM PARCELLS, Chris had a great game on Sunday. Andrew went with us to make his once-a-season baseball game visit and got to see not only the Red Legs smash the opposing Yankees 11-4, but Chris hit a BEAUTIFUL 200+ foot triple.

Man I HOPE his slump is over... the mopey-mopey kid was killing me.

I took a sick day because of everyone's allergies and my freakin' horrible back pain today. Surprise to us when Chris comes in and tell us he was having a bad day until Orchestra when his teacher told him he should try out for the Philharmonic (the next level of orchestra).

Chris was pumped out of his mind since he has only been playing bass a few weeks. We got the pin-striping tape from Auto Zone and we taped up the bass.

Boy is actually upstairs practicing. Thank you God. Thank you so much.

Oh, and last but not least, THE WIFE and I did early voting today. Mark up two for our candidates. If you live in Lewisville, Texas be prepared for a heckofa wait. We were there for over an hour and a half on the first day of early voting. I don't exprect lines to get any shorter.

Friday, October 17, 2008

What A Load Of Hooie!

OK I think most everyone has heard of Joe the plumber and gotten to see some of the attacks against him.

Apparently no one actually listens to what he said...

He said he was looking to BUY a business which earns $250,000 or more dollars a year. HE DOES NOT EARN $250,000 dollars a year, THE BUSINESS would be making it. So the taxes from THE BUSINESS would cause him to pay higher taxes under Barack Obama's plan.

Obama agreed he would pay higher taxes.

Dragging out Joe the Plumber's history is a non-issue folks and I hope most people see it for what it is, a calculated diversion from the FACTS.

Face it, Obama said Joe would pay more taxes under him (Obama) if he (Joe) bought the business.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Makes Me Want To Puke

Just because I got tired of trying to remember my password, I will take my griping here.

Eric's ex-wife got a powder puff interview and while the reporter openly admits she is pretty much just editing Erin's words, it still makes me sick.

You can read the piece of crap here.

My thoughts are, we heard this story before. It was the one the prosecution tried to use to send Eric to jail for murder one.

I know Eric and his family. I also am not aware of this "Crossbow" arrest in the early 90's. Eric is human as we all are and no one who is his friend is going to say he is perfect, but this whole article has already been refuted by the testimony in court.

Take whatever side you will, but THINK people. The only reason Erin is speaking out is because she got caught with the boys, the fact that she denied Eric any contact with his children should bring the first bit of doubt to your mind. As far as her kids being afraid of Eric, jeeze, I wonder what SHE told THEM about ERIC?

I also find it amazing she is all for an open marriage, but when Eric supposedly tells her he is thinking of getting involved with her friend, that's not cool to her.

Also, as far as being glad to hear HER side of the story, well if she hadn't run both before and during the trial, you might have had a chance. Seems like she would have wanted to make sure the "Truth" came out, but I guess not since she never testified.

Of course, she would have been cross examined and had her lies exposed.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Good News For Ben

Well I am pleased to say all the pain we went through last year has paid off. Ben brought home all A's on this report card. In addition he also has an "Excellent" in "Respectful" on his behavior.

Wow, hard to believe the "Teacher with 22 years of experience" had so much trouble with him.

I know it isn't right to hold such hatred anger a strong dislike for his old teacher. I should share in our joy. I believe I will fax a copy of his report card to the principal, the old witch his old teacher and the doctors associated with LISD.

Perhaps LISD should look a little more closely into what the problem was last year. I really wish they would, before it happens to another kid.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Texas In The Fall

I can't think of any place nicer on earth than Texas when fall finally arrives.

I am outside Ben's karate class enjoying a crisp, cool breeze.

This is the life.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Answered Prayers

I talked to my mom who let me know Eric's kids have been found. The story is here.

Thank you for all your prayers and concern. Coming up Wednesday is a custody hearing. Pray for the kids and Eric during this time. God's will shall prevail.

I hope Eric and his kids can now finally have some peace and begin healing from this terrible accident.

My Back

OK, so this morning I am on 600mg of Aleve, 800 mg of Ibuprofin, 1000 mg of tylenol and 5 mg of vicoden.

My back STILL hurts.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Been Wokin' 9 to 5, What A Way To Make A Livin'

OK, I am tired. Worn out and last night was a night just filled with weird dreams. One of those where you don't remember everything, but you know it was strange.

Ben was all kinds of out of sorts last night and he was driving me nuts. Argumentative, rude, not wanting to do his work. I am sad to say this but it was one of the few times when bedtime for him was a blessing.

All in all the new job is great. They give me a task, I do the task, everyone is happy. I also realized last night watching the VP debate why I will never be able to be a politician. I am the kind of person who fixes something. If it is broken and needs to be fixed I lack the delicate way of phrasing things to make everyone happy about the matter.

In short, people would hate me.

So anyway. I shall grind away during the day today.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Set List Suggestions

I may get to play some acoustic shows with a buddy of mine. I am pretty jazzed about it because I haven't had a chance to break out the upright bass in a while. Here is the thing, I am looking for suggestions for songs to play. Especially some which are not conventional acoustic songs. An example is I would love to work up an acoustic version of something ridiculous like "Bad" or "Have a Cigar."

Of course if I do "Have a Cigar" I have to convince Mike to do the Primus cover of it so we can throw in the reference to "Bob Cock and the Yellow Sock."

Comment or email me suggestions.