Saturday, March 01, 2014

Time To Get A Fatwah Declared

There was an interesting read over at iOwnTheWorld where Cardigan shared information on a group of Muslim truck drivers who refused to carry shipments of alcohol and were then fired.

It appears the Federal government is intervening on their behalf as their religious rights were violated.

So here we have a group of men who knew they would be transporting goods of all sorts, but they refused to do the work on religious grounds.  There are plenty of arguments to be made regarding if Islam forbids the transport of alcohol or not, but the bottom line is these guys signed a contract saying they would transport goods from one location to the next.  They failed to live up to their contract and were fired.

Let's compare this with the baker who refused to bake a cake for a gay couple.  This is a situation where the baker was asked to perform a job and refused.  He didn't agree to do the job and failed to deliver, he said he would not based on his religious grounds.  This has led to a judge ordering the baker to "cease and desist from discriminating" against gay couples or face financial penalties.

I guess the argument can be made that the refusal to accept a job resulted in humiliation to the gay couple, but why is the government intervening on behalf of the Muslim men?  Is there a bias against Christianity?

We have three choices going forward, we can continue to stand our ground and refuse to do things contrary to our religious beliefs, we can declare ourselves to be Muslim to see if the treatment is the same or we can go Gault and simply say we don't have the time to perform any duties that violate God's rules.

I'm choosing the first.  We are being targeted for a reason and we must stand firm in our beliefs.  We will be called h8ters, bigots, racist, etc...  The list never ends.

Keep in mind, how much fun the second choice could be.  For someone willing to follow through there will eventually be an identical case where Christians are persecuted and Muslims are not.  That could be a lot of fun.

Now that I think about it, does anyone know a Muslim baker I can send some gay folks to?