Friday, September 29, 2006

Can I get a refund on the last hour?

I am looking for a refund on the last hour of my life.

I am on the phone with a nice guy, but I am currently waiting for him to find the cable he is using to connect to a PMS. I already gave him the answer to make it work, I am just waiting for him to implement it.

I mean come on, you know what the port number is, you know how the PBX lays out, you know where the PMS is. You can do it!

God thing I get paid by the hour.




OK. From time to time I am asked to come up with a timeframe for how long a project will take. I will get very vaugue information from a supervisor who will then stand by me while I read the document. I'll ask about 100 questions which no one will know the answer to and then I reply...

"Two weeks"

I'm usually asked "Why so long?" The truth of the matter is two weeks gives me enough time to find out what is going on and then to do the task. The advantage of the two weeks is I also have two "Non business days" in case I get in a bind. This way I look good, the supervisor looks good, the company looks good and the customer is happy because we came in under the estimate and the job was done right.

Of course, I can't say this, so...

I mumble something about scripts, other projects etc... and go back to work.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Peace at last

OK, I had a spot of good news today. I got a promotion!

I am excited as all get out because I am finally able to take a step forward and relax a little. I'll probably have less free time than I did have, but I don't mind hard wor when it gets me somewhere. Working hard for less sucks.

Otherwise things are good. I hope to have more obnoxious tech support stories to share, too busy with other projects today.

I leave you with my new favorite saying...

"Bombing Porcelain Harbor"

Thanks Laurence.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Well life has been pretty busy over the last two weeks. I missed my 100 word challenge (had a good one too, I'll probably send it in and use it anyway as just a general posting) and haven't had time to blog.

Air conditioner is being checked by another guy to make sure I am not a TOTAL idiot. Hopefully I will have cool air flowing in the next week or so.

Work gripe of the day.

We send out a product with revision XX software. You try to use this product you get "Sorry, you have version XX software, this product only supports to YY." We tell engineering and they say, "Oh, that's normal. Just ignore the warning and use it anyway. It will work."

My question is, then why the warning?

Monday, September 25, 2006

Helllooooo Monday!

OK, running a test for a tech in the field. Feature works like this. Station A calls Station B. Station B doesn't want to take the call so he presses a button which sends Station A to voicemail.

Tech says this doesn't work. He has everything programmed correctly. This is a BUG and he wants it fixed NOW!

I load the software and test. No Problem.

I get specific station numbers from him. Lets say Station A is 1111 and Station B is 2222.

Station B does not have the button which sends Station A to voicemail.

Nice useage of my time. Thank you.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Ding Ding

OK, the ACD phones at work are set to ding whenever we get a call in queue as opposed to our old ACD sets which only did that when we got a call into a certain split.

Now we have approximately 100 KABILLION splits for calls so all day long you hear "DING... DING... DING... DING... DING... DING... DING...," well you get the idea.

Must drink the Kool Aid.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

8PM On Call

First call of the week tonight. PBX, ACD down... Me and the world conferenced in together and I wait for my ACD hero to save the day.

When I grow up I want to be just like him.

Another day

One thing is, life is never what you think it will be. The only constant is the Dallas weathermen stink.

I was enjoying the drive into work today with my carpool buddy. I've been trying to notice the little things I usually miss since I am always running from point A to point B and missing the journey.

Today I enjoyed a large field of sunflowers by a very busy stretch of freeway. I wished at the time I had my camera to take a picture and post to the blog to share.

The questions is... If I did that, would I haven to turn in my man card?


Work junk

OK. Helped one of the guys out with a call. Guy says he is connecting one PBX to another and it doesn't work. Each side of the link works if he sends it somewhere else, it's just these two PBXs which don't work together.

Troubleshoot and find our side is set up COMPLETELY wrong and would NEVER have worked AT ALL, much less to anything else. That would be lie number one.

Then find the other side is set up for a different transfer speed tha our side and would NEVER have worked to another link the way he SAID it did. That would be lie number two.

Why call in for tech support and give false information? You want help, you need help, but you don't want to give accurate informaton to get your problem fixed?

My buddy and I had to stay late to fix something we would have fixed before quitting time with the right information.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006



OK, it does not pay to be fat. Take it from me and my back. Oh jeeze.

I will be posting pictures of my Air Conditioner unit which failed. According to the technician who came out to look at it it is due to "Lack of maintenance." I haven't weedeated around it (as I don't currently have a working weed eater) and this growth of grass and dust trapped in the colling portion caused the unti to overheat and fail.

The safeguard which shuts the system down worked and shut it down, but when it started back up again, it failed again and burned up the unit.

Nice. Now I have to fight with my warranty company as they say they will not pay for it because i didn't spray the unit off with the hose to prevent buildup of dust and crap.

Oh well. I could be worse. I could be taking public transportation.

Daily Grind

Sorry, I know this is boring, just having to teach with no time to update anything. Here is my plan for the day.

I have a good idea for the Weekly Challenge for Laurence (look out buddy). Hopefully I will get it recorded at lunchtime.

My wife is tired of climbing Mount Laundry in our bedroom, so my priority for tonight will be helping her sort and distribute the stuff to the kiddos.

Otherwise I also need to write a couple of chapters to the preliminary document I am working our of for my class.

All in all another day in geeksville.

Monday, September 18, 2006


Got the news from Laurence that his MIA kiity Frisky is home again. Glad to hear it sir. Keep your kitty safe and give him lots of kitty treats from all of us.

My morning update is I am teaching this week, so this will probably be less than stellar as far as blogging goes. Look for much whining about my back etc... We'll see.

Good side of the world is, my Middle boy won his football game and my house didn't flood again.

Also, my latest entry in the weekly challenge is up at Go check it out.

Saturday, September 16, 2006


Tennessee loses to Florida AGAIN!

I am so disgusted. Can't run the ball, poor tackling, can't adjust the offense and way too many mental mistakes. 12 points (potentialy 14) called back because of penalties.

That is what separates winners from losers.

I had a bad feeling when we beat Air Force by one. You can tell when we're doomed because the announcers start talking about how great we are.


Friday, September 15, 2006


Just found out I have to teach Monday.

I HATE teaching!

So now I have the weekend to enjoy the sweet anticipation.


OK, pet peeve of mine.

Guy calls in for support and begins with, "I know this isn't supported but..."

If you know it's not supported, why ask? Really.

Question for programmers


You write code. You write a program and specify where you can install it during the installation process. Doesn't it make sense to then have your installation program link all associated portions of this program you are installing (AND JUST SPECIFIED WHERE YOU ARE INSTALLING IT!) instead of making users go back after the fact and manually change a configuration file to link it.

Just me.

It's funny how programmers don't see simple things like this as a failure of their codewriting abilities. They say, "Oh, yeah, just have them run regedit and modify this entry and change this and this." If you complain they tell you to just, "Be sure to have them back up the registry first."

I would like to see some of these programmers walk the average tech support call through a registry change on someone who knows NOTHING about Windows.

Note to programmers. Assuming you are writing code for people who are also programmers is stupid.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Peace at last


This post has been removed because I love my wife very much.

Now back to my regular stupidity.

Another day

All right, so I have recovered from the fiasco of Rockstar Supernova. Guess I won't be buying that album.


Anyway, got my weekly challenge podcast done and emailed in. I still have at least three to record and another one to stuff away for the time being in hopes I get to pick a word for the weekly challenge.

Anyway. End of the world is happening here at work, so I will be pretty busy today. We'll see how today goes.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Rockstar Supernova

OK, this is painful.

I was going to set myself on fire, but as I was getting a can of gasoline to dump on myself, Dilana hit the "Brown Note."

I have to go clean up now.

Honestly, why don't they call this show "A Bunch of Losers Who Can't Sing and an Audience Full of Losers Who Will Dance to Anything to Get on T.V."

Well well well

I just finished IM'ing Laurence complaining about how hard it was to find a quiet place to record my now 5 100 word stories I need to send to him when I check out his page and lo and behold! There is an entry about me.

That is really cool. I appreciate him actually taking an interest in my stories. I have a feeling anyone who listens to them will understand how I can relate to one in particular about having to lock yourself in the bathroom to find quiet time.

Except for the downsides I talk about in the story.

I myself have found no downsides.

So little time

OK, so me and the misses actually got to have a conversation this morning that didn't involve Barbie or what the kids need for school. Air movers and De Humidifiers are gone. Life is getting back to normal.

I actually have four (at last count) 100 word stories ready to record and shoot to Laurence (this includes the weekly challenge that I finished yesterday). Since tonight is my night off from Football with the middle boy, I will try to record this stuff and overwhelm Laurence's inbox with email and get caught up until next week.

Time to warm up the old vocal pipes.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Work Crap

OK, so at work we use tickets and field reports to document everything we do so the next tech support dweeb who gets a call knows what is wrong, what has been done, what needs to be done etc...

This works well until someone doesn't fill out a ticket with the info. Then you get field tech calling in saying needed to know something, but I don't remember what is was.

I check the ticket. No update...

I check the associated FR. No update...


Engineer who worked it is teaching and can't be bothered. Time to break out the Ouija board and try to channel Elvis for an answer.

Ahhh lunchtime

OK, so hopefully this afternoon the air movers and de-humidifiers will be gone and I can stop the insanity of noise downstairs.

On a side note one good point is the cats are getting much more snuggly and social now that there is a bunch of racket making people devices downstairs. Some good has come out of it.

As a side note, the baby has a sinus infection, so this explains the crabbiness from the last week or so. Hopefully she will be feeling better soon.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Weekend fun

OK, so here is the deal. Saturday the wshing machine broke and flooded the downstairs of my house. We called in the crew with the Suck-O-Lux 3000 and they set up blowers and de-humidifiers. So now my downstairs sounds like DFW airport.

I then got a call on Sunday before the Colts/Giants game and had to work until 4 in the morning on a down phone system.

Needless to say I am somewhat dragging. 'Cmon 17:00. I need you bad baby!


Today is September the 11th. Just to keep with everything that has been going on I just want to state I will never forget.

I know it sounds cheesy, like a cheap slogan, but it's the truth. Every day I turn on the TV and think the world has gone mad. It is amazing how much we can forget in 5 years.

I'm not particularly sad today, just reflective as I think it should be. I will blog about the flood in my house (gather up animals two by two and redoing my siding with Gopher wood etc...) as well as the brutal support call from last night (real problem unfortunately, not something I can laugh about). But for now I just want to get things rolling.