Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lost In Translation?

So anyway while we were gone to Tennessee for my Grandmother's funeral we left The Boy In The Box (tm) behind to guard the house and feed the critters.

Friday before we came back our buddy Uncle Louie (tm) told TBITB that he would come over the next day to help him mow the yard for us. TBITB agreed so it was settled.

The next afternoon Uncle Louie (tm) shows up with the mower and TBITB is nowhere to be found. With steely determination he fires up the mower and resolves to pretend to not speak English to anyone who complains about him being at our place.

Once the job is done he loads everything up and heads back to his place. On the way his phone rings, it's TBITB.

"Hey," TBITB says, "I don't have to work tomorrow so you can come by any time you want to clean the house."


Apparently Uncle Louie (tm) is Spanish for Groundskeeper/Maid in TBITB's world.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Mary Kate Vincil

First off thank you to all my friends for your thoughts and prayers as we dealt with the loss of my Grandmother. While we will all miss her we all sincerely believe she is now in a place where she is with her family which has gone on before her. Now she walks with no pain and the only tears which fall are tears of joy.

"Granny" as she insisted everyone call her was 89 years old at the end of her life; she outlived a husband and two sons and left behind three daughters, four grandchildren, five great-grandchildren and countless other people who knew and loved her.

I wanted to include this photo of her, her sister and two of her brothers. Granny is the little girl on the right.

They knew hardship and poverty as well as love, discipline and hope. I hope to someday be as strong and as good a person as she was.

Rest easy Granny. I'll see you someday and we'll rejoice together in Heaven.

Mary Kate Vincil
May 10, 1921 to May 18, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

My Grandmother

My Grandmother on my mother's side is in Critical Care and we believe she will pass soon.  If you are inclined, please pray for her comfort and for strength for my family.

Thank you all.  I will try to keep updates.  We may travel to Tennessee to be with her.

(FYI Burglars, not EVERYONE will be traveling if we go.)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Tech Support Fallacy

So blogging has been ridiculously light and I am sorry for it.  Not that I think you all are crushed that I am not here, but because I don’t get to link to the insanity of my life.

A great example of this is the fact I am covering another department, so I now am not supporting traditional PBXs but I am now working on our server based PBX.  Right now this is temporary, but I may go permanent.  All in all, this is a good thing as I enjoy working on it and think it’s a good system but I have to get back up to speed on my Microsoft stuff, Server 2003, Server 2008, DNS, DHCP and scopes and my nemesis…. Exchange (2003 and 2007).

A great example is my first call yesterday.  The tech starts off with his voicemail is down.  Our voicemail directly integrates with Microsoft Exchange so if you can’t get to the voicemail it’s because we can’t access Exchange for some reason.  Question number two was, “What has changed on the network.”

The reply, “I asked the network guys and they said ‘Nothing.  Nothing has changed, it just stopped working.’”

We spend hours drilling here and there, me and my co-workers when finally we check a registry entry which points to the server we use to get Active Directory and DNS information to find the Exchange Server.  I ping it and…

Nothing happpens.

We then run the “Set” command to find out who validated this server and change the registry entry to point to that Domain Controller.  A quick restart of the Services and BADA-BING we are back in business.

I’m cleaning up a couple of other things with the tech and he then pops the customer on the line with us.  The customer asks what the problem was.  I make the statement that the server “BLAH-BLAH-BLAH.DOMAIN.LOCAL” was removed which caused our problem.

The reply was, “Oh we didn’t remove it, we just replaced the server… We’ll actually “upgraded’ it.”


So basically the very first thing the tech asked and the first thing we ask “WHAT WAS CHANGED ON THE NETWORK?” apparently doesn’t count  if you are working on DOMAIN CONTROLLERS!!!!


In the spirit of looking on the bright side of things, I learned a lot of good things from the ignorance of certain IT people.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hello Monday!

I start off my day with this:

So now that this is cleared, I have some kind of meeting request from a dude concerning his Cisco Router setup.  Basically it is modifying his SIP SDP data and his trunking provider is barfing.
The good news is, my box is sending the correct data,
Yea ME!