Sunday, January 06, 2019

People Who "Love" Nature But Actually Suck

I found an interesting article about nature loving folks taking advantage of free admission or lowered supervision during the government shut down.

First off, what is wrong with you people?  Seriously, were you dropped on your head as a child, to you have some deficiency other than common sense which leaves you unable to think?

What is wrong with you people?

I sincerely hope I make people angry with this.  The point is to SHAME you!

I don't know what ignorant pile of crap the people in this story crawled out of, but this is a shameful example of "Humanity."

First off, trash everywhere is INEXCUSABLE! Period, hard stop.  We are not a third world country.  There is absolutely no excuse for trash to be all over a national park! NONE!  Don't give me any crap about "The Shutdown" because anyone, ANYONE who claims to love nature knows when you leave a location , you leave it like you found it or better than you found it.

Better than you found it means YOU pick up any trash you find OTHERS have left before you arrived.  It's a shame that it is now necessary to remind "Nature Lovers" of this basic rule, but apparently it is now necessary.  I can only imagine the god awful mess our park workers have to clean up daily when they are working.

You people need to hump your own trash OUT OF THE PARK and throw it away when you get HOME!  You brought it in, you can bring it back out to be disposed of properly.

Sadly, our country is filled with people who expect others to clean up after them.  I know this for a fact because I've had people I know ask my children why they picked up a piece of trash from the ground and threw it away.  "Someone gets paid to do that.  You're going to take away his job," was the unironic way they phrased it.

The idea of someone "Losing their job" because we don't throw our crap on the ground is ludicrous.  Knowing people tell their children crap like that honestly enrages me.

One final jab.  I've heard for years now how "Conservatives hate the environment," but then I see disgusting behavior by both sides.  It isn't a "Left vs Right" problem.  It's a "Right vs Wrong" problem.

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