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Friday, June 23, 2017

Why I Watch Doctor Who

"Human progress isn’t measured by industry. It’s measured by the value you place on a life.

An unimportant life.

A life without privilege.

The boy who died on the river, that boy’s value is your value. That’s what defines an age, that’s… what defines a species.

` Peter Capaldi as The Doctor
` Episode: Thin Ice

I have a love of the current run of Doctor Who. Specifically, all of the NuWho since 2005. I have some Brit friends who tell me Doctor Who is just a kid's show and they don't watch it.

So why do I?

Part of it is I'm a geek and always have been. I want to explain, that isn't all of it though.

A few years back I was going through a LOT of back pain. A LOT. I was really, really depressed and flipping through Netflix one weekend. I saw the series for Doctor who was there and decided to venture a try on it. I started with NuWho Series 1, Episode 1, "Rose".

I loved it.

Sure, it had some HORRIBLY CHEESY music, but you'd spend 45 minutes getting into the plot and what was going on and then WHAMMO! The Doctor does something brilliant and saves the day.

Eccelston (Number 9) is my doctor. He always put on a happy face to hide his true feelings. I was shocked when he blew his top in "Dalek" but by the end of the Series, I was hooked. I am sad he only had one Series as The Doctor, he was "Fantastic".

Tennant (Ten) is my favorite Doctor. He carried on with the happy faced, but troubled character. He added a lot of emotion to the part and it was more than just a fun ride.

But why am I hooked? Why do I watch a kid's show to this day?

Because the show is about hope.

The show gave me something to look forward to in my pain; something as an escape. When the TARDIS door swings open and The Doctor steps out, hands in pockets with his confident swagger, I knew I was along for a fun ride.

I liked Matt Smith (Eleven) and was severely disappointed in Capaldi's (Twelve) take on The Doctor. My family has since met him, Michelle Gomez and Jenna Coleman and they found them all to be wonderfully delightful people. They were gracious and kind to my kids and wanted to know more about them. They love their fans.

Series 9 made me like Capaldi's Doctor. Series 8 was just unclear on why he was... mean. I don't know how else to put it. I blame the writing of Moffet as he failed to show how much 300 years on Trensladore had damaged The Doctor as a person. I get that now. It also helps Capaldi's wild(ish) hair has given him a much friendlier look.

Three more episodes with Capaldi before we get a new Doctor. I don't know if I'll like him (or her if you follow the rumors) but I expect to remain a fan.

Hope is eternal. As long as I have hope, I have life.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Adventures Of Chronic Pain - July 29, 2016

Yesterday was a good day.  I smiled, I visited my son, played with my granddaughter.  I didn't feel like every moment of my life was a warm up for dying.

Today, not so much, I'm back to the same old lower back pain and lethargy.  I'm ready to go to sleep at 1PM on a Wednesday and my back is killing me.

I began to consider that my diet may be impacting my pain, maybe fructose or sugar.  I had a cranberry drink yesterday and today, no coffee, no soda.  Drinking water and chewing up my meds.  In desperation I've thrown the Damn Yankees album on while I work and I am trying to ignore the dumb questions coming my way.

Hope everyone else is having a decent Wednesday.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Letting Go Of Being Bitter

I'm a long way from a perfect person but tonight I realized I am tired of sitting by and being unhappy because I go along with people's poor choices.  I'm ready to change that.

The long story is, I watched a band I loved in my youth called ALL.  Through the modern marvel known as YouTube I can watch videos from the early days of punk music through the modern era.  I have watched a show from the first tour I saw ALL on to a 2014 show in Austin and I have managed to feel a tiny bit of the spark that made me pick up music.

I realized I WANT TO PLAY.

Not just play, but play fast, loud and with energy.  I want to enjoy playing music again, not just do it because it's expected of me.

I've let my bad back, my job, my... whatever, insert your excuse here, block me from playing the music I love.  I've contented myself with playing for my church.  I've been blessed to do so, but I'm very, very frustrated with the direction we're taking.  We've changed music directors and I'm tired of the selection, there is no challenge to the music, there is no organization, there is no drive...  No one cares.  Christian music can be fun, energetic and challenging.  It doesn't all have to be music which sucks the life out of the musician to play.

We're supposed to be giving God our best and we aren't.  Every rehearsal I start the day off looking forward to showing up.  I know I get to play music and I get pumped, I drag out the Fender or the Epiphone, depending on my mood, and show up.  I set up my music and get ready and we start.  Immediately someone says, "How does this song go?"  Then we hear, "I haven't had a chance to rehearse this one." and on and on.

The guy running sound  either isn't listening, or is blaming the equipment because he can't figure out the monitor mix.  "I've got you cranked up all the way." or "This channel in the soundboard must be bad."is the excuses thrown out.  Of course, if someone goes up and changes the group settings on the monitor then *Light Shines From Heaven and Angels Sing*, it's a miracle, the monitors work.

We normally run through the songs once during rehearsal.  We may work on a bridge or transition, but there is no real guidance, no drive.  It seems like no one cares. We'll, I do and I'm tired of coming home upset because we sound like crap and play "Days of Elijah" every other week.  It's time.  I'm slinging on the Fender, breaking out the big rig (my Ampeg and the 2x15 cab) and getting out to play real music again.

I'm playing loud, fast and with drive again.  I can praise God with my music that doesn't suck.  I'm going to have fun again and my bad back can go to Hell.

Whew... I feel better now.  Thanks.

Thursday, February 18, 2016


It's amazing what you discover when you read the Russian propaganda. The Russians have definitely taken note of how they caught us flat-footed when they joined the fight in Syria.

Don't be fooled. Daesh is a secondary concern for Russia. They are in Syria because they know we have been arming rebels to take out Assad. They are there to make sure Assad stays in power. They believe the fight won't get hotter as long as their troops are in Syria because further escalation could lead to a direct US and Russia confrontation. Russia is playing chess while we're playing checkers.

Our military has gotten far too wrapped up in our drones and technology. They foolishly believed the old ways of fighting wars was behind us. You would have thought the fight in Afghanistan and Iraq would have taught them something.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Labor Day Show

Well, we made it.  Despite an amp that was brought in that was supposed to be better than my backup amp, my main amp still being in the shop and almost falling out from heat exhaustion we made it.

Photo Credit: Chad Fenner

I. Had. Fun.

Yeah, my feet were burning in the sun.
The guys and I played Biker Bash 2015 in Granbury, TX right before national acts, Scarlet White, Shonlock, Seventh Day Slumber and Fireflight.

Now, the guys have another bass player auditioning who will be with them in Amarillo, TX for that show and then they decide who they want going forward.

It was fun, I totally expect them to chose the other guy.  I think despite the fun I had, my style is just not quite what they are looking for.  Plus I'm 43 years old and 300 pounds.  I just don't look Rock and Roll anymore.

Hopefully the new guy will rock out and they can move their ministry forward.  Please pray for the continued success of the 7 Days from Sunday ministry.  They are reaching out to people who may not have ever heard the Gospel, or if they have, don't realize you can actually have a GOOD TIME praising God.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tales Of Woo? Tips of Woe?

Have you wanted to write a book?  I know I have.  Why don't you?


That's right, it takes skill and dedication to write a book.  When people do, they often suck.  Seriously, go read one.  I'll wait...

Back yet?  Yep, I told you.  You read a book and think, "How did this thing get published?"  We then, I've got an anomaly in the book world for you.  I was treated to a pre-release copy of Rodney Lacroix's book, "Romantic as Hell (Tales of Woe, Tips of Woo)" and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

I do have to admit up front that I wondered how he wound up knowing what I had done wrong through all my romantic encounters.  THE WIFE can certainly tell you about the time she was expecting a engagement ring and I gave her a map (don't ask).  Or all the times I complimented her with things I thought were fantastic compliments that put me in the doghouse.

Apparently I am not the only guy who does these things.  Let's face it men, women think differently than we do.  We need someone to guide us through these things.  Someone, who can let us know what the target of our wooing wants.

Fortunately for losers like me in the world Rodney has covered the do's and don't's for being "Romantic as Hell".

See how I worked the title in there?  That's awesome writing in action!

If you've had the chance to read Rodney's previous books... "Wait" you say, "Didn't you say 'Writing is hard'?  You mean Rodney has more than ONE book?"  Why yes, he does.  In addition to Things Go Wrong For Me" (Finalist – 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards (Humor) and Finalist – 2013 National Indie Excellence Book Awards (Humor) as well as his second book "Perhaps I've Said too Much".  Both of these books are great for making you realize your life isn't as bad as you think after all.
"Romantic as Hell" Rodney has written "

National Man of Mystery Rodney Lacroix
Where was I?  Oh yes, if you've read Rodney's previous books you have an idea of what to expect; humor (sometimes potty humor, sometimes self degradation but always too much information).  When you finish you understand why people sometimes ignore all those warnings on anti-psychotic drugs and take the plunge.  "Romantic as Hell" is a great laugh a minute book that covers the do's (questionable sometimes, but hey, it's your time on the couch, not mine) and the don't's (DEFINITELY DON'T'S) of wooing your object of...  woo?

I don't want to spoil anything as you just need to take the plunge and enjoy getting to know Rodney and his take on life.  If you don't take anything else from the book, take this one truth.


Don't be a "Ross"!

Lesson learned, Rodney.  Thank you from a man who is not sleeping on the couch this week.

If you'd like to know more, you can always read additional information on Rodney at his website: or follow him on twitter at:

You will not be disappointed.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Monthly Check-In

Time for the Monthly check-in.

My back is still terrible... Meh...

I am trying out for a band.  I am kind of excited about this one because it is a Christian Hard Rock band.  I really like the guys in the band and I'm having a great time jamming with them and learning their stuff.  I should know if the next bit if I'm in or not, but whatever happens I'm leaving it up to God.

THE WIFE (She Who Must Be Obeyed) is doing well as are the kids.  Ben is still Ben and has adapted to High School very well.  Despite what he thinks I think of him, I love him and I am very, very proud of him.

Chris has graduated and is looking at a career in law enforcement.  I'm running a doc through the printer for him as I type for his next phase of the interview process.

Andrew (The Boy in the Bubble) has his own family.  A lovely wife and daughter who I adore and he is a hard working father.  He puts his family first and I am extremely proud of him.

The girls are their adorable selves.  Always with smiles, whines or random acts of annoyance they make my day.  Lucie is a Whovian (although she is a HUGE fan of the 12th doctor and I'm still not there yet) while Sadie is my Scooby Doo buddy.  I secretly fear she only watches the show to amuse me, but hey, WHATEVER WORKS AMIRIGHT?

I hope my friends are doing well.  I have asked Lucie and Sadie to contribute cartoons to the blog, but nothing yet.  We'll see how the future goes.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

We Are All Comrades Now!


I have had a change of heart.  My old, cruel Capitalist ways have gotten me nowhere.  I have now seen the glory of the Socialist dream!  There is enough of everyone else's for all of us!

Little did I know that years ago when THE WIFE (The Comrade Who Must Be Obeyed) and I came up with Tater Tots for the Masses I was already harboring the Socialist dream deep in my red bosom.  I mean, after all, the Tater Tots were for the Masses, not for me.  I was distributing technical support drivel and pain like golden drops from the mouth of Lenin himself. (Vlad, not John.)

I accept my new role in life.  I plan to redesign the site to take part in the glorious workers revolution.

I have a dream!  A dream that one day we may all have equal amounts of Tater Tots!*  We shall all live and work as one!

Yours in Glorious Socialism,
Comrade Tots

*Some amounts more equal than others.  As has always been the worker's way.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Intellectual Theft And Big Fur Hat

It's not unusual on the web for other people to use images and stories created by other people.  Common courtesy calls for a link back to the original author or creator or at least some recognition.  It is normal for people who create images to put a logo on the image itself so if a picture goes viral the original creator will get credit.  This is important because in the event credit or a link back is not given, the author can still reap the rewards of the image's popularity with traffic to their website (and by extension the financial rewards from the additional traffic).

Those of us who aren't "Established" don't make much in the way of cash.  An image going viral could provide a decent surprise check which can help cover the bills for our passion for a bit.  Needless to say, it gets annoying when someone not only doesn't link back, but takes the time to strip the logo from a created work.

Take for instance one of my favorite IAMFAIL strips I've made:

Yeah, nothing special to it, I'm using Gonzo in a parody form and I thought the idea of him finding out he was a father while making breakfast (due to his relationship with his girlfriend Camilla) both dark and funny.  I liked it, so I decided to post it.  Please note the IAMFAIL logo and my name.  I don't mind people sharing it because a quick google search on IAMFAIL with my name will point them to my deranged corner of the web.
Now, if someone scrubbed my logo, my name, and possibly even my signature and posted this picture on their site, it went viral and they got lots of traffic because of it, that would not only be my opinion of theft, it would piss me off.
A guy I consider a buddy is BigFurHat over at and he recently went through a very similar situation.  He posted a photo at his site a little while back poking Obama in the eye over his handling of the Government Shutdown (tm).  He made this little dandy:
Note the iOwnTheWorld logo in the lower left corner?  Another site called Free Patriot found the image and modified it:
Notice anything different?  Yep, Fur's logo is gone.  There is still the credit for "mr. pinko.bfh" in the upper right corner, but that's much less noticeable that the original red, white and black in the original.
Note:  The modified image on the original post is viewable using the Internet Archive.
Fur complained to the individual running the site and was told it was a mistake by an editor and to his credit, restored the original image (although he was pretty dickish about doing it).  Fur continued to press the point based on the fact that the genie was out of the bottle.  The article had already been shared on Facebook over 87,000 times by the time of the correction.
What does Fur get because he complained?  They removes Fur's original image and replace it with an out and out THEFT of his idea by placing this image on their page:
Yeah, new Rushmore, drones instead of helicopters, new curtain.  Yeah, how about a wise-cracking bunny rabbit who eats carrots celery and gets chased by a hunter with a shotgun crossbow for a cartoon idea?
Fur's prediction?  Sure enough, this popped up on Snopes:

 And then...
Even worse, FOREXLIVE doesn't even PRETEND to leave any accreditation, they Photoshop out both the logo as well as the "mr. pinko/bfh".
Fur chronicled the exchanges with Free Patriot on this post if you'd like the whole story.  Long story short, he got screwed several times.
So why am I griping?  Fur shared a video I had put on my blog, has linked to a couple of stories I've blogged about or shared and has even let me put up a guest post over at iOwnTheWorld.  I did the happy dance when this little hole in the wall made the blogroll over there.
In short, he's good people and plays straight.  Seeing him get screwed makes me angry.  It isn't the first time, nor will it be the last for him.  Of course don't feel bad for Fur alone, FrankJ at got the same deal on this picture he made making fun of Obama and the 3AM call:

Go do a google search for Obama upside down phone and look how may variations you get.  It also landed on Snopes, but at least FrankJ finally got acknowledged for making the parody image.

Personally Free Patriot is dead to me now and so is FOREXLIVE.  I'm sure they'll be crushed by me never clicking on their links again, but one small step...
(You guys know I didn't come up with the "One small step..." thing right?  That was Neil Armstrong for the record.)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Skillet - Sick Of It

I'm a fan of the band Skillet.  Not only do they just make some great rock songs they are also Christian.

I'm proud to say my daughter Sadie, THE WIFE and I are all unofficial Panheads.

Monday, April 15, 2013

A Noticed Change In Me

I hardly ever blog anymore.  For a while I thought it was because I spent too much time on Twitter, but then I noticed I hardly ever tweet anymore.  I thought facebook may be the problem.  I do spend quite a bit of time on there interacting with my friends, but I think it's actually apathy.

Yep, apparently I don't really care anymore.

I don't really draw cartoons anymore either. I also noticed I can't think back to the last time I found anything genuinely funny. You know like side-splitting laugh until your belly hurts funny.

I remember times like that. I can recall just a few years ago driving home and Russ Martin was on a tear about something and I thought I was going to wreck because I had tears streaming down my face and couldn't see the road.


I remember how old Richard Pryor records used to make be die laughing. He could make anything funny.

I miss that.

I don't draw, because I'll sketch ideas out and then come back to finish the roughs and ink them and they just aren't funny anymore.  I think, why bother?  It's a lot of work for a joke that is going to bomb.

My kids still enjoy coloring things I draw for them.  I just never get to it anymore.

I'm trying to decide if this is depression or not.  It looks like it may be, but I don't feel depressed.  I just don't really feel right now.

Maybe I can find an old Richard Pryor routine this afternoon and get some laughs.  I'd like that.

Friday, January 25, 2013


Happy New Year!

Hey, how have you been?

Yeah, um, I know I used to write in this blog.  Yeah, I used to draw cartoons. I know they were kind of funny sometimes.

I take this moment to apologize to the folks that occasionally got a laugh or two over me losing my mind over irate techs, family insanity, poop and stupid cartoons.  I decided to change jobs two years ago and I went from using 10% of my brain and having at least 50% free time to using 100% of my brain. I guess I still have free time as I watch football... and... yeah, that's about it.

I have spent the last two years completely learning a whole new support system while working. In tech support you are supposed to be the guy with the answers. The larger the company you work for, the more true this is.

I am finally feeling like I kind of belong. I don't feel like total dead weight.

Like when my boss talked about how other companies would be excited to hire me, all I could think was he was hoping they would.

Anyway, I plan on spending less time being nice on Facebook, and more time being my normal, twisted self.

I hope you'll join me.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Drinking

OK, so technically this is the day after Christmas so it isn't a holiday unless you're in Canada. If you're in Canada happy Boxing Day to you.

As for me today is the day after Christmas, also known as The Day My Dogs Continually Take A Dump On My Carpet Day.

OK, so as one of my Facebook friends keeps telling me, they aren't really "Doggy."  I can't argue too much with that.  Seriously, look at them:

Look at these steely-eyed man eaters. Grrrrr.
Yes, to paraphrase her, "They look like cats."  Well, these so-called cats have been taking dump after dump on my carpet this holiday season.  Seriously, they are just dogfood processing factories where their only product is poop... and production is in overtime.

I know a normal dog's digestive system involves "Eat" followed shortly thereafter by "Poop."  This is a dog thing.  Cats are apparently embarrassed by the need to go make dookie (suspiciously like your aunt Frannie... just saying) so they hide in a "Box" and then cover up the evidence.

These so called "Cat-Like Dogs" not only do not hide their poop, they display it with pride. Usually positioning it in the middle of the most trafficked area of my home.  Not only is this annoying, imagine the magic of Christmas being spoiled by the aroma of canine poo wafting through your home.

Yeah, takes away doesn't it.

Plus adding to the love of the cat/dog mixture or cross breed or whatever the crap they are (they are Japanese Chins, but go with me here, I'm on a tear here) they eat every three minutes (the cat side) and poop immediately afterwards (the dog side).  So over a sixty minute period they can process a metric crapton of poop.

Not actual poop, these are some cookies a friend who shall remain nameless made.  Ha ha... I'm laughing... really...
Anyway, so as I clean up poo at three minute intervals, please keep me in your prayers as I have decided the last Zima in the back of the fridge is calling me.  I don't have a drinking problem so don't worry about that.  Poop is my only problem, so just pray I do not bar-b-que the dogs.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to all my friends on the internet, or as law enforcement refers to you "My Stalkers," may you have a wonderful week and a wonderful New Year.  My lack of sanity should result in more blogging and tweeting.

Hopefully more drawing too.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Things Go Wrong For Me

Things go wrong for me.  Things probably go wrong for you too.  Why is it bad things happen to us?  What makes us feel better about the terrible trials of life?

For me, it's having an opportunity to be a partner in someone else's pain.  Some folks would say that is why I chose a life in tech support, but that is not the case.  Getting to watch other people suffer while I drink beer on the sly is only a side benefit.

My impression of Rodney as a young man.
Without the hot chick of course.
Drinking beer and sharing another person's misery brings us to my friend (until the restraining order goes through) Rodney Lacroix.  Rod has a unique perspective on life.  When he was young he had boobs.  Not because he was female, he was a fat kid.  I can sympathize.  He was a smart-alec, been there myself.  He crapped his pants terribly at least once...

No, sorry Rod.  You're on your own there.

Why am I talking about how much Rodney's life sucks?  Because he wrote a book about it.  Seriously... Look!

I know... I'm kind of bummed because my inane ramblings have now been overshadowed by the genius of a guy sharing his failures (or are they triumphs?

Watch his book trailer below and let me know which you think they are...

I have a confession to make.  I bought his book.  I have read it.  I have enjoyed his cartoons of inappropriate situations involving everyday objects through his use of "Draw Something."  (Curse you Rod, I will never look at "Grandmothers" the same way again.)
I try to keep my blog PG-13, but Rod goes all in, you will find out things like great band names... many can't be played on the air... maybe they aren't that great then, but they made me laugh until THE WIFE finally knocked on the bathroom door and told me the kids were complaining... and to stop laughing too.
If you buy this book, the world will be a better place, all your dreams will come true... OK, maybe not, but you'll have an opportunity to not only find out where the dead hookers in Hershey, Pennsylvania get dropped off, but you will have a laugh, probably many laughs and with the world the way it is a laugh is well worth a couple of bucks.
You can find out more about Rodney using these links.  Enjoy yourself, and learn to laugh not only at yourself, but at Rodney too... mainly at Rodney...
The "Things Go Wrong for Me" Facebook fan page:
And most importantly, Amazon where you can buy his book:

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How To Be Legendary

I started following a podcast called "Better Off Undead" a while back. As most of my friends know I am a horror junkie and have been since I first discovered Stephen King by reading some of his old books that my mom had. I stumbled across these guys and their podcast is well produced, has interesting topics (even when they run off topic) and most of all it is entertaining.

I didn't realize at first, but I heard the guys mention their "Other" podcast called "The Self Publishing Podcast." Since I like horror, I liked these guys and I'm interested in writing so I decided to check it out.

It was also very good stuff. Basically three self-published authors explaining everything from the creative process, how they work, how they put everything together, the tools they use and how to self-publish.

Greatness. I have been in bliss ever since.

One of the guys in particular named Johnny B. Truant put out a book he GIVES AWAY on his site called "How to be Legendary." It's a book on how to achieve your dreams, do what you want to do, be happy with what you do and best of all, how to do it. I hate to steal his thunder by summing up his 73 page book in one phrase, but here it is:

Decide what you want to do then get up off your butt and do it.

Pretty simple huh? Too simple right?

Look, I know you're skeptical, but think about it. You only fail if you decide you have failed. If you're doing what you want to do and are doing it (or even working to do it) how can it be considered failure if you are satisfied?

I want to use myself as an example. I was born in a small town in Tennessee. I grew up in the small town, graduated high school and dropped out of college. I played in bands but none of them ever took off and I couldn't decide what I wanted to do with my life. At one point I had a job selling knives and teddy bear backpacks on the street.

In short, I was a total loser.

My dad called me and told me the company he worked for needed some temporary help and if I wanted a job to get my butt to Knoxville by 8AM Monday morning.

I got the job which was pulling and terminating phone cable. I put on phone jacks, set and labeled phones etc... I worked up from there to working moves, adds and changes and service calls.

At some point I decided I wanted to work on PBX systems. (Big phone systems to normal people. Like the ones used in hospitals, colleges and large businesses.) I started learning about them, working on them when I could and agreed to learn the stuff no one else wanted to so I could eventually get a shot. When I got my shot, I took it and I was then trained on the biggest system we sold and worked an on-site job with our biggest customer in the area.

When I became frustrated with that job I applied to the manufacturer of the particular phone system I worked on. The next thing I knew I was flown to Dallas, interviewed and offered a position with the company supporting the big phone systems.

I stayed with that company for twelve years working my way up from a hillbilly out of his element to someone who was a respected and had people coming to me for tough questions.

Eventually I became frustrated with the way things were going and being unable to get the company to see technology moving the way I saw it moving. I moved within the company to a position where I was working on a Windows Server based phone system. While working there I heard about Microsoft's Lync product. I talked to a few folks and did some research. I did enough web searches to figure out how to install the thing and get it to work.

I then was invited to an event at the local Microsoft campus where they were looking for prospects to hire. I tracked down the guy who was the manager over OCS/Lync support and pitched myself to him. he got one of the guys to sit down with me and run through some basic questions on telephony, IP, Server stuff etc... I submitted my resume and applied for a job.

The next several weeks were spent beating down Microsoft's door. I hounded the recruiter, got my follow up interviews and was hired.

Right now, I am working on a product I believe in for a company I think has vision and a plan. Most importantly I got here not because I am the smartest guy in the room, the most talented guy in the room, the guy with the most experience, I got the job because I went out and did it. I took the leap of faith when common sense would tell me I'm a college dropout from a hick town and that I didn't stand a chance.

Read Johnny's book. Believe in yourself and do it. If you don't someone else will and you won't.

That, my friends, is a fact.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Writer's Block

Writing is so weird.

I hate sitting down and being "In the Zone (tm)" and having to do something I really try to avoid... You know... Like work or rescuing my children from harm or something like that.  It never fails that when I come back the masterpiece I have been looking at resembles a week old poo stain in the underwear of life.

I've got several different stories I have been fleshing out and mulling over the ideas, but I never seem to have the time to sit down and put the mess of scenes together.

Heck, I don't even have time to do IAMFAIL comics anymore.  This sucks.

Anyway, I have a short kid's story I wrote that I need to find the full copy of again.  Frustratingly I can only find the first half of it.  If it doesn't show up I guess it'll get a re-write, if I do find it then I think it's time for a few illustrations, a write up and I'll throw it up on "Cafepress."

Let me ask my tens of readers (I know your out there, I can hear you breathing) would you like an audio version of a couple of kid's stories for free?  I have one I think would work pretty well worked up like an old time radio broadcast or maybe one of them with the illustrations set up as a movie, where the kids could watch it like I'm reading them a story.

Without the creepy factor of me actually visiting your kids and reading to them while I'm wearing my PJ's.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Feeling Stabby

Sadly I sometimes take the long, hard way to do things that really should be surprisingly easy.

I had a support call dealing with one of my products and the customer was dealing with issues with his domain which he had bought from GoDaddy.

I thought to myself, "Self", (because that's what I call myself since I have a good working relationship in my own head), "I have a domain through GoDaddy.  I should just try this out for him and see if I can duplicate his problem."

I need to get kicked in the head whenever I do that.

Regardless, I logged into my GoDaddy dashboard, followed our instructions and had to wait for the DNS to replicate throughout Teh Interwebz.  Sure enough, it worked perfectly as advertised.

So, I go to switch back and things don't want to work correctly.  I keep getting a 404 error and I'm pulling my hair out and I keep thinking "All I should need is a stupid CNAME reference to point to my Blogger URL and all should be happy."

Ah, sadly no.  I finally figured out (again, because it was a pain in the butt last time) that Blogger makes you put an entry into your control panel which makes it look like you are sending your blog off to your domain name that has nothing hosted.

I know I have been a phone man for 15 years or so an I've been doing crossover network stuff for 8 or so, but their wording SUCKS!

Oh well. The blog is back up and running.  Now if I could just get over my writer's block and draw some cartoons.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Do You Ever Feel Overwhelmed?

Wait, of course you do, why else would you be here.

First and foremost, sincerest apologies for not updating comics, blogs, facebook or anything for that matter.  Basically I am just wrapped up in work and I don't have time for anything.

The new job is good, but when you go from being top dog to knowing how little you know and how bad you really suck, well.  Life gets interesting.

Anyway, thank God my boss either thinks I suck so bad he ordered one of my buddies to help me, or my buddy took mercy on me, but he took 10 cases or so off me.  Life is ALMOST manageable again.  So maybe (just maybe) I can get some work off of the drawing board.

Now for the confession.  Most of my inspiration comes from THE WIFE, the kids, stupid comments on Twitter that make me laugh or funny things in life.  Honestly, life has not been fun.  Or funny.  I'm turning into House without the talent or cool beard stubble.  If my back flares up I am moderately gimpy though.

So, I need your help.  Cheer me up.

*Taps Foot*

Come on. OK... Well then I guess I have no choice but to search the interwebz.  I'll tell THE WIFE you said it was OK.

Thanks... Talk to you soon.  I promise.


I totally forgot that my old buddy from Knoxville John Paul Keith is playing a gig in Ft Worth this Friday the 13th at The Grotto.  If you are a DFW person who digs can stand honky tonk country blues stuff, he's the guy for you.  Come to the show and I'll tell you the story about the first time a chick flashed her boobs at him while he was on stage. :)

Plus he smokes... a LOT.  So much he named a band after a brand of cigarettes.  If you guess the brand (or Google it and put it in the comments I will make a framed commission drawing for you!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Apathy? Yeah, Pretty Much

I haven't posted in forever. I don't know if I can keep posting. There is no release anymore because I am losing hope.

I'm sorry if you come here for the funny. I find it harder and harder to be funny as each day goes by.

Hopefully it is just a reaction to a diet med my doc put me on. We'll see.