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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Is The Audience Listening?

I started to write a blog post refuting NASA's latest claims that Global Warming is on temporary hiatus, but rest assured it is just around the corner waiting to steal your lunch money and have unprotected sex with you when you least expect it.

Kind of like The Spanish Inquisition. No one expects The Spanish Inquisition!

I didn't write about it. Despite articles pointing to no increase in global temperatures for 15+ years.  Despite articles explaining the Arctic Ice sheet is at its highest summer level in years. Despite even the coolest Summer on record in years.

Did I not write about this because I am afraid? Because I am a flat-Earther or a Luddite or because I cannot bear to understand the intricacies in my tiny brain?

No, I didn't write about it because everyone has already made their minds up.  Writing about it will only be ignored on the Left, and sounding into an echo chamber on the Right.  Everyone thinks their opinion is the only one that is right.  The key there is "Opinion".

Most of us are not educated scientists. I'm a tech support geek.  I dropped out of college.  I will most likely never run a fortune 500 company or be a millionaire.   When I die, my family and some friends will care, but the majority of the world won't.  In short, I'm nobody.  My opinion doesn't matter.  I am to pay my taxes and complain about politics like a good minion.  My opinion means  nothing.

What my life and my career has taught me above all else is "Trust but verify."  Remember that phrase from the 80's?  Talking about our nuclear arsenal and our disarmament methods with the Soviet Union.  I always begin by giving the other side the benefit of the doubt.  Their intentions may be pure. I then verify the facts.  Very often (but not always) we find something they insisted they had "Already checked" which they missed.  I then graciously agree that it was weird that the setting changed itself on its own and wow, I'll be on the lookout for problems like that in the future.

I truly believe the customer was 100% confident and sincere in their statements, however it's my job to figure out why their phones don't work.

Global Warming folks (aka Climate Scientists) are continuing to rail into the night skies that the end is near, man will destroy the world.  Only their short-term predictions haven't come through.


I'm reminded of several years back when the local meteorologists predicted a Winter storm that was going to dump several inches of snow on Dallas.  They told us when it was going to start and the local news had reporters at major intersections to record the chaos.  Those reporters stood in the cold describing how ominous the skies looked,  how it could break loose at any second and how despite no Winter precipitation the roads were going to be treacherous.

It never came.  The snow completely missed us.  We watched through the night as the snowfall estimates were adjusted lower, and lower, and lower, until they were forced to admit we "Dodged a bullet."

The meteorologists did just what the Climate Scientists are doing.  Changing the facts, to fit their prediction.

Weird, I wrote about Climate Change after all.

Friday, March 01, 2013

My Eyes Are Bleeding From The Stupid

When I work sometimes I'll listen to podcasts to pass the time (believe it or not, going through several Gigs worth of logs can be mind numbing after a while).  I've found a couple I like such as Better Off Undead (, The Self Publishing Podcast ( and The No Sleep Podcast ( which are on my subscription list.

I also enjoy listening to conspiracy stuff from time to time and I had one today that I finally deleted from my hard drive because I couldn't take the stupidity anymore.  It's The Hagman and Hagman Report (no link, they don't deserve it).

Live from Mom's basement!

Not only are they constantly going off the air because they keep screwing up their board and messing with things mid show (and blaming it on the government because they're getting the truth out) but the podcast I listened to today had a 9-11 truther on.  If you want to argue who was responsible for taking the WTC down or even if explosives were used, OK, fine, I understand that much. But this lady not only argued the planes hitting the buildings didn't take them down she argued the building was destroyed by some unknown technology which left no rubble, only dust.

Nothing to see here... Only dust... Move along.


The grand moment came when she talked about the WTC "Surfer" who rode the building down as FACT. A quick check of Snopes ( lists two guys who survived who weren't on the ground, but they were simply luck to not have been crushed and hardly "Surfed" the building. 

Adding to the masterpiece she attempted to reason that the seismic events weren't large enough to be from the collapse of the buildings, so they had to be disintegrated and my eyes stared bleeding.  She was using the FULL MASS of each building as a guideline.  The buildings collapsed in on themselves; the numbers she used would have been equal to the buildings "Jumping" up in the air and falling back into place.

Further proof Darwin was wrong because the gene pool should have cleaned out by now.  I proudly present them with "The Polished Turd Award" for this week!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Second Amendment Is A Right

Attorney General Holder says, “WE HAVE NO RIGHT TO POSSESS GUNS”


Guess they were not happy with the poll results the first time, so USA today is running another one…Vote now… Attorney General Eric Holder, has already said this is one of his major issues. He does not believe the 2nd Amendment gives individuals the right to bear arms. This takes literally 2 clicks to complete. Please vote on this gun issue question with USA Today. Then pass the link on to all the pro-gun folks you know. Hopefully the results will be published later this month.

Here’s what you need to do: First – vote.
Second – Send it to other folks,
then we will see if the results get published.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Fiscal Sanity?

I watched these videos Ann Barnhardt made.  She shared them on her blog at  I know many people think Ann is crazy and she may be on many things.

On this I don't think she is.

I challenge you to watch these videos on why the economy will collapse.  Each one is about 20 minutes long and all together are around two and a half hours.  Please set aside the time when you can to watch them all, then research the data to verify it's accuracy. 

I am.  I'll report back on what I find.  You please do the same.

Friday, September 28, 2012

MSNBC Busted Again

Yesterday I posted a video by Bradlee Dean exposing how CNN lied to us during the first Gulf War.  How he claimed to be in Saudi Arabia, when he was actually on a set acting.  Looking back at the clip it was actually a pretty poorly built set reminding me more of a Saturday Night Live skit than an actual real set.  Sadly I watched CNN obsessively during the war as right around prime time the bombings usually kicked up.
I was reading my morning blogroll and at I Own the World they linked to an article covered by The Blaze.  MSNBC is caught manipulating the sound at a Romney/Ryan rally to try to put Romney in a poor light.
Here is a link to the article, but I embedded the videos from the page below.
First up, the MSNBC clip from "Morning Joe".

Next up is a caller to the "Pat and Stu" show who claims to have been at the Rally.

Last but not least another camera angle and sound from CSPAN.

Folks, if you're reading this you better be educating yourself.  I'm not a huge Romney fan but I think he will do better than Obama.  When the Republican candidates were being vetted I knew Romney was the guy Obama wanted to go up against.  Didn't anyone else wonder why all these skeletons from every other candidate came up, but they couldn't find ANYTHING bad enough to make Romney fall out of the race?

Once again we are faced with picking the lesser of two evils and you have to ask yourself WHY are clips being manipulated?  This happened with Zimmerman's 911 call on NBC and again with Romney.  How many other times have we been lied to.

(BTW: before anyone throws out the "FauxNews" argument, I agree they cannot be trusted either.  We are responsible for our OWN EDUCATION!  With the internet and endless access to information we have no excuse.)