Saturday, December 14, 2013

Why I Don't Like The Budget Deal

I am hearing talking heads on TV saying the budget deal is great because we don't have to face a government shutdown.  Here's why that is bullcrap.

1. The President is supposed to propose a budget as he is obligated to do in the Constitution.
2. The Congress then irons out a deal for the budget and pass one.
3. The President either signs it or Vetoes it and back to step to or the budget is approved.
4. We then follow the budget for the year.

The President has sent budgets to Congress which have been so bad not a single one has pasted.
The Congress (either through failures of the House and Senate, or just the Senate) have failed to pass any budget since 2009.

We don't need to celebrate this crap deal, we need to tell Congress and the President to FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION AND PASS A BUDGET.  This needs to be done every year.

Just pretending to get along doesn't do squat.  No more spending "Deals" or "Continuing Resolutions", pass a budget.  It is your job!

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K T Cat said...

You silly! That was the old way of doing it. These days, we don't have to follow those strict, judgmental old "laws."