Monday, September 23, 2013

Spiritual Attacks

Last week was a total crap-fest for me.

I don't want to share too much information, but work was a beat-down.  I felt ill at the end of the week, I had my umpteenth MRI and my back felt like crap.  Add on to that the normal stresses of life and I was ready to collapse.

THE WIFE who is always the wise one explained the spiritual warfare we were being subjected to.  I didn't get it and chose to wallow in my anger and self-pity.

Friday was a turning point.  We are the sponsors for our church's youth program and we planned a lock-in for the kids.  We played a great game called "Grog" which is a cross between Hide and Seek with Freeze Tag thrown in.  We ate pizza, drank soda, had ice cream and watched Nacho Libre together.

It was great.

I also had a few minutes with THE WIFE an a very godly woman who is our friend and like a mentor to me.  She asked me how I was doing.  I told her I had been under attack by the enemy and she explained how she knew it.  She told me how we would be attacked because of the work we were doing for God.

She's right.  I'm not a great person.  I'm trying to make God happy and live my life for Him, but it's easy to get knocked off track.  I took her message and felt much better.

Sunday my 16 year old felt sick at church and had to go home.  My oldest son ran him home and they discovered a guy we had opened our house while he was down on his luck was inside.  They called me and the guy split before we could get there.  He didn't get anything, but we're changing our locks, reinforcing the weak points and have the guns loaded if it comes to that.  I don't think he'll do anything to try to hurt us, but I'm not risking it.

The enemy fights dirty and we want to think of the battle as one we can win with our fists.  It's not, we win it through our work and our actions.  I'm in the battle and I'm not giving up.

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K T Cat said...

My Galaxy S3 has been fussy leaving comments on blogger sites, so this is a little late.

Good on ya for ticking off old Sparky. Flip him the bird, rock out to a Newsboys video and go love your wife. You have my prayers, amigo. You'll get through this.