Friday, July 19, 2013

Barry Registers To Vote

I was searching the dark corners of teh interwebz when I ran across this little tidbit at The PJ Tatler.

According to a search at the D.C. Board of elections using the search terms Barry Soetoro, President Obama’s date of birth and the zip code of 20500, a registered voter of that name is registered to vote at the White House for D.C. elections.  Barry Soetoro is a name that President Obama has used in the past.

Source article is here:

Uh huh... I said and promptly went to check for myself through the DC Board of Elections website.

Barry Soetoro, August 4, 1961, zip code 20500

Nahhhh, this'll never work!

Sure enough... it's real.  Holy underwear Batman!


Seriously my head is melting from the alien brain waves!!!!

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