Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Little Torn

I posted the Willie Wonka "Have a Twinkie" picture on Facebook yesterday and I had a good giggle.  I figured it was worth a chuckle and some dark humor, so whatever.

The interesting thing was a friend of mine tore me a new one pointing out how the union was just trying to protect the workers from having their salaries cut and listed the huge bonuses the executives were still getting.

I felt kind of bad.  Mainly because the friend who posted that is unemployed because the company he worked for went out of business.  Pretty sure it was a union shop.

For the record, when I worked for NEC, at one point we had an across the board 5% pay cut (this after a few rounds of layoffs).  I was angry, but I still had my job.  We coped with things by using dark humor, usually talking about how we came to work every day to give our full 95% to the company.

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