Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Am I Alive?

In short, yes I am.

If that's all you're looking for you need not read anymore.  If you are interested in what's happening in La Casa De Tots, well then.

The last month has been a spiritual struggle.  THE WIFE and I have struggled to meet our commitments to God through obstacles the enemy put in our way.  It's amazing how people don't realize the little things that are thrown our way to sidetrack us from the important things in life.  Car breaking down, illness, fights with loved ones.  All little things that keep us from the important fight.

I think I am being directed to put together a book on spiritual warfare.  I've had an interest in it so I have read several books on it and listened to an excellent Podcast series from Mars Hill church, so I may give it a go. can always hold the book for me if there isn't any interest.

Everyone is doing well otherwise.  Ben is set to go back to school after his medication nightmare this last year, so pray for us for that one.

Oh, and THE WIFE is teaching Lucie to play drums.  Life is good.

Rock on my Purple Princess!

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