Thursday, April 26, 2012

Feeling Stabby

Sadly I sometimes take the long, hard way to do things that really should be surprisingly easy.

I had a support call dealing with one of my products and the customer was dealing with issues with his domain which he had bought from GoDaddy.

I thought to myself, "Self", (because that's what I call myself since I have a good working relationship in my own head), "I have a domain through GoDaddy.  I should just try this out for him and see if I can duplicate his problem."

I need to get kicked in the head whenever I do that.

Regardless, I logged into my GoDaddy dashboard, followed our instructions and had to wait for the DNS to replicate throughout Teh Interwebz.  Sure enough, it worked perfectly as advertised.

So, I go to switch back and things don't want to work correctly.  I keep getting a 404 error and I'm pulling my hair out and I keep thinking "All I should need is a stupid CNAME reference to point to my Blogger URL and all should be happy."

Ah, sadly no.  I finally figured out (again, because it was a pain in the butt last time) that Blogger makes you put an entry into your control panel which makes it look like you are sending your blog off to your domain name that has nothing hosted.

I know I have been a phone man for 15 years or so an I've been doing crossover network stuff for 8 or so, but their wording SUCKS!

Oh well. The blog is back up and running.  Now if I could just get over my writer's block and draw some cartoons.

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