Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Do You Ever Feel Overwhelmed?

Wait, of course you do, why else would you be here.

First and foremost, sincerest apologies for not updating comics, blogs, facebook or anything for that matter.  Basically I am just wrapped up in work and I don't have time for anything.

The new job is good, but when you go from being top dog to knowing how little you know and how bad you really suck, well.  Life gets interesting.

Anyway, thank God my boss either thinks I suck so bad he ordered one of my buddies to help me, or my buddy took mercy on me, but he took 10 cases or so off me.  Life is ALMOST manageable again.  So maybe (just maybe) I can get some work off of the drawing board.

Now for the confession.  Most of my inspiration comes from THE WIFE, the kids, stupid comments on Twitter that make me laugh or funny things in life.  Honestly, life has not been fun.  Or funny.  I'm turning into House without the talent or cool beard stubble.  If my back flares up I am moderately gimpy though.

So, I need your help.  Cheer me up.

*Taps Foot*

Come on. OK... Well then I guess I have no choice but to search the interwebz.  I'll tell THE WIFE you said it was OK.

Thanks... Talk to you soon.  I promise.


I totally forgot that my old buddy from Knoxville John Paul Keith is playing a gig in Ft Worth this Friday the 13th at The Grotto.  If you are a DFW person who digs can stand honky tonk country blues stuff, he's the guy for you.  Come to the show and I'll tell you the story about the first time a chick flashed her boobs at him while he was on stage. :)

Plus he smokes... a LOT.  So much he named a band after a brand of cigarettes.  If you guess the brand (or Google it and put it in the comments I will make a framed commission drawing for you!


Unknown said...


The Viceroys!

Houston (aka) Tots said...

OK, Unknown. You win!

I need you to shoot me some info on what you want your comission to be of.

email me at houstonkeys (at) hotmail (dot) com

If you are at the show in Ft Worth tonight come look me up. RIght now I'm in jeans and a giant orange Tennessee shirt. :)