Thursday, April 05, 2012

Bullies Are Dumb

I've written many times about my son Ben who is on the Autistic spectrum.  Ben is a very loving and kind young man who will grow up to be a wonderful productive adult.  Unfortunately he has to deal with being a kid first.

A little while back we got him a three wheel bicycle for him to ride.  He was learning to ride the bicycle and had a crash and since then has refused to try two wheelers anymore.  He love his bike and loves to ride it.  Unfortunately he has to deal with the neighborhood kids.

The kids are the normal, we see something not completely like what we see everyday and so we have to make fun of it.  Poor Ben came in crushed because every time he rides when kids are around they taunt and tease him.  Tonight they called him "Pip Squeak."

Ben's a big, burly 13 year old and I can vouch as a 270 pound adult who has had to wrestle him and hold him down, he is extremely strong.  These kids don't realize when we bring Ben in, or won't let him ride around them, we aren't protecting him from them, but rather them from him.

Of course, if he beat the ever-living snot out of a couple of them he could ride his bike in peace.

If only I was a little less of a good parent. *sigh*

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