Sunday, March 04, 2012

Slutgate: I Own The Word

I found this article while while parusing teh interwebz over at one of my favorite haunts, I Own the World.  Seeing as how Mr. Schultz called one of my favorite radio hosts Laurah Ingraham a slut on his show a while back, I agree turnabout is fair play.

*In full disclosure, it is my opinion that since Ed only has about 32 viewers of his TV show and 23 listeners on radio, it's not like he really had the impact Rush Limbaugh did.  Please don't tell Ed's mom though, she thinks he has a respectable job selling kidneys from Chinese dissendents who die in labor camps.*

Just don't drop "It" on me
BigFurHat - March 4, 2012 - 22:00 America/New_York

Atlas -
A 30-year-old poses as a 23-year-old, chooses a Catholic University to attend at $65,000 per year and can not afford ALL the birth control pills she needs… so she wants the US taxpayers to pay for her rampant sexual activity. By all accounts she is banging it five times a day. She sounds more like a prostitute to me. She must have an gyno bill to choke a horse (pun intended). Slut was a softball.

Obama calls her and tells Sandra Slut Fluke that her parents should be so proud of her.
He’s a pimp.
Did he call the sole survivor of the Fogel family massacre?
He is morally bankrupt.

As for Rush calling a spade a spade, or in this case, a slut a slut, advertiser Carbonite is playing selective outrage. Contact Carbonite here and demand that they drop their ads from Ed Schultz’s program.

Is This Why Carbonite Dumped Rush But Not Ed Schultz?

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