Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day 2012!

Creepy? Or sweet? You be the judge.

Hi everyone! Nope, once again I am not dead yet (despite the almond scented candles and the funny tasting coffee THE WIFE keeps getting me) and I have returned with an update to the IAMFAIL family.

Why so long between posts?  Excellent question...

It all comes down to the "Real Job."  As my longtime followers (both of you) know I changed jobs last year.  I left the beloved PHONECO and went to work for SERVERCO.  I have always kept where I work a terribly hidden secret so I could vent if need be without the fear of someone reading a post I wrote and accusing me of writing about them.  Obviously, I need a day job and insurance, so it always comes first.  Needless to say, my new(er) job has offered a lot of challenges, rewards and as a side effect of that, lots less free time.

But, I realized, I'm not very happy doing things this way.  I need a goofy outlet and a way to make people laugh (or groan, I am OK with that) so I am pushing forward.

Here is the deal.  the comic IAMFAIL is going to update twice a week (as scheduled) on Tuesdays and Fridays.  What this means is some scheduled goodness.  Obviously I will miss deadlines from tiem to time since I have to make sure to keep the day job rolling.  Don't forget I am the dad of an Aspie and he needs his medicine and therapies.  As much as I would like to do nothing but comic, I just can't make that commitment right now.

I am also going to finish the site revamp.  That means I will add more options to buy stuff like books, shirts, mugs, PLUS I am going to take commissions.  If you have something you would like done, let me know and I will work it up.  If you go to my art page on facebook (Link in the right hand column) you can see some of my work.  If you want to hire me to do something, just shoot me an email at houstonkeys (at) hotmail (dot) com.  Online the best way to reach me is Skype.  User name: houstonkeys.

My music is also coming out again.  I've been playing bass for my church for a while now, but they have expanded and now offer a Celebrate Recovery ministry.  This is a great ministry where you can join other people suffering from any kind of addiction in a Christ-Centered recovery program.  THE WIFE and I are playing music for them as well as our regular church service.  Needless to say, it is more therapeutic for me than I expected.

God has been good to me.  I want to share that news and I need to do things other than just work on Voice over IP to show it.  Hang in there gang and give me feedback, what you like, don't like.

Talk to you soon!

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Anonymous said...

Good Luck with your comics!! I look forward to reading them!! *pawhugs* - ZackRabbit