Friday, July 22, 2011

Socialism #FAIL

How Ironic. I parused over to WorldNetDaily (World NUT Daily) and found the following from Van Jones:

I left a comment (I know, waste of time) recommending some of the folks over there read a particular book. I felt it would make a good Political Outburt post so I logged in here to write my post and I saw my buddy KT Cat already had a post up on the same kind of thing.

The book is called Mig Pilot and tells the story of Victor Belenko who was a Mig 25 pilot in the 1970s. Disallusioned with the failure of the Soviet system he made an escape from his Russian base to an airbase in Japan where he defected and became a US citizen.

Anyone who supports socialism and government economic control, should really read this and see a firsthand account of what life is really like under that kind of system. Just like every time the government promises something and it always seems to fail, in the long run everything fails. I read it as a teen and I can't recommend it enough. I think it's something every teen who feels they are "Owed Something" should read.

"The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money." ~ Margaret Thatcher


bob said...

I loved that book! I read it many years ago when it was first published, and it was a real eye-opener. I second the recommendation. It appears to be out of print but Amazon has lots of used copies available.

Houston (aka) Tots said...

I'm glad you read it also Bob.

I wish some of the people who thing socialism is so great would read it and see what they are asking for.

I actually had an idiot tweet at me last night because I said I wouldn't pay more in taxes. He said "I'm willing to pay more, why aren't you?"

The idiot seriously is willing to send MORE of his money to Washington for them to waste.

Some people you just can't reach.