Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Pet

I hope God will help me. We have another pet.

Last night THE WIFE found a little "House Gekko" on her iPod. She used a peanut butter jar to catch him and was about to release him when she decided the girls might like to see him.

Of course Sadie LOVED him. She wound up going and buying a home for him and crickets for him to eat. She also named him. His name is...

Tinkerbell and the Fairy Treasure

That is not a misprint. HE is named "Tinkerbell and the Fairy Treasure." I expect him to make a tiny noose and do himself in with a name like that.

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innominatus said...

My wife doesn't do the "scaly critter" thing at all. Pretty much mammals or nothing if I want there to be peace in the house.

I'm an engraver and I frequently get orders for dog shows, horse shows, etc... And they always have names like that. So maybe your gecko is purebred!

I bumped into your blog the other day - I think I saw it at iOTW. Good stuff.