Wednesday, June 08, 2011

No, I Was Not Eaten By A Wildabeast!

Actually I have just been beyond butt kicking busy here at SERVERCO. Hard to believe that learning a completely new product takes time and effort and MAY (Only MAY) interefere with blogging.

Regardless, I am doing well and still so happy I tinkle myself just a little bit every time I think about how wonderful my life is right now. THE WIFE finally talked me into going and having a sleep study done and turns out I have SEVERE sleep apnia.

No problem, just get a CPAP and off we go. The initial study showed excellent results SO... I got one. I feel MUCH MUCH better.

Plus, since I have a "Cadillac Health Care Plan" I upscaled my CPAP....

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Lillie said...

Good thing you had that checked out and now have CPAP.