Friday, March 25, 2011

Interesting (To Me) Observations

I spent the middle part of this week with a horrible case of dysentery.  Forget corn, I don't remember bit of bridges and old coats that were passed.

Lets just say I'm like the house in "Poltergeist." CLEAN

But I have other things to write about besides my poop, I noticed the other day when I walk my left boot makes a different noise than my right boot walking down our long concrete hallway here at PHONECO.  I then looked like an idiot in the middle of the hallway standing on one leg like a crane while trying to pull my left foot closer to my face to look at the bottom of my boot.  I didn't fall, but my back made some incredible cracking noises and some 70 year old lady stuck a dollar in my belt.  That didn't bother me, but the guy who stuck a 5 in sure did *call me*.

Of course I found nothing and when I noticed the sound again today, I realized it's because of my walking mechanics.  I actually have my center of weight shifter to my right side for some reason.  When I shift it to the left (centering it) the noise goes away.  Crazy, my neck has been bothering me anyway, so I think I need to schedule a visit to the Chiropractor again.

On the other side, my current weight is 317,  I haven't been working out due to the incredible amount of work we are under.  Most days I eat at my desk while working or stuff a bite or two in when I have a spare minute.  I know this is awful for me, but I am stuck and can't change things right now.

Much love to my friends.  See you all soon.

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