Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Allen West Is Becoming My Hero

So far this man talks the talk and walks the walk. He and Chris Christie are the two that don't listen to crap and know their facts.

Thanks to TheBlaze.com for the link.

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furiousBall said...

I know you and I tend to vote for the opposite candidates, but you do know that I love ya brother and vice versa.

I couldn't hear any of his points with his supporters shouting down the person that never got his questions out and he just kind of rattled off a few cliches about sunshine and his butt.

That said, I absolutely appreciate his service to our country and this clip didn't really do either West or the guy with the question any justice.

As a resident of NJ, I can tell you first hand Chris Christie has mixed results. The deep cuts he tried to make in our library system and education last June are being fought hard by people like myself that use our libraries and understand that libraries do still hold a very important role in our education. On top of that, the roads have gotten appreciably worse with his cuts. The tax breaks he has given to corps and not raising taxes on the wealthiest 2% is just difficult to stomach for this small business owner that is struggling very badly.

From my angle, NJ is in trouble financially - cuts are absolutely required and some of his decisions are sound. But one of the problems is that he seems to be making NJ to appear more in need of reform than Wisconsin to only further his national image.

I'm absolutely no better than the next internet political guy commenting, and I will absolutely be listening to Gov Christie's address coming up in just about an hour on the state budget. I hope things get better and I am willing to help (and listen to ideas).