Friday, January 07, 2011

Please Help This "Special Boy"

This is my son Chris.  This year, Chris decided he would like to expand his musical abilities beyond the upright and electric bass and move on to...

The Ukulele.

He was so inspired, he made this video about it:
For those of you wondering... Yes, yes I do have to live with that kind of stuff all the time.  Did I mention I drink a lot?

Anyway, this is what he wants: 
It costs $90 and I have decided to reach out to the community to raise the money.  Think of it as an experiment.  Leave requests in the comments for videos you would like to see or drawings you would like to see and we will fill the orders (within reason, I mean I am not eating poop or anything like that) and tip us.

Here is a paypal link especially for this.  Please donate as you feel pity for me.  I will keep everyone appraised of the insanity of what is going on.


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