Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Plague Of 2011

For the record, last weekend Ben had his tonsils out. Thank you for all the well wishes and prayers. He is recovering nicely and is back to obsessing over normal things.

 Next up, both of the girls have Strep Throat. Not unusual, after all they are pretty much joined at the hip.

 Chris freaked out and complained of his gut going to Sea Cadets drill. We chalked it up to nerves and an anxiety attack. He texted overnight and was grouch and typical teenager in the texts. The next day the Ensign called and said we needed to come get him.

 I picked the boy up and promptly took him to urgen care where they diagnosed him with a kidney stone.

Awesome... (I have a great one liner I busted on him in front of the doctor, but I am saving it for a comic.)

Now I am feeling like crap as is THE WIFE. Her "Lasso of Truth" isn't even making it all the way across the living room.

Thank God my aggravating job has good insurance.

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