Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 1 - January 17, 2011 (Big Changes Ahead)

I know I have griped and complained about things for ever now, but my back has killed me forever and ever.  It's been a little while but I have been off the painkillers and just trying to make the muscle relaxers work for me. I have now started having problems with crazy creeping feelings up and down my back when I try to go to sleep.  It sounds like restless leg syndrome, but targeted at my back instead.

THE WIFE said that maybe God was sending me another sign to get up off my butt and lose weight.

Fine... I'm listening. (Finally)

Here's the deal. I need to lose 100 pounds (at least). I have to relearn how to eat, and figure out what my problem is.  Listening to a shrink talk they would say I am trying to fill an emptiness in my life with food.  Who knows, maybe they are right.

I'm also going to take this opportunity to let everyone know I will be starting up a webcomic.  I have not decided on the posting schedule, but I am setting the template up in wordpress/comic press and have the basic layout set, but I don't have a hosting area other than blogger right now, which the format isn't really compatible for.  So I will probably be buying a domain soon and moving to another web host.

So let me begin my tally.  Day 1, I walked a mile and a half on the treadmill at lunch.  Starting weight 327 pounds.

Lord it hurts to write that.


Miss Yvonne said...

Good for you. Keep going, it will be a long battle but you can do it.

Falahime said...

I wish you were closer...we could throw you in the sauna and do a few bodywraps and voila! ;) Seriously, though, I wish I could do something to help-let me know if there is.

K T Cat said...

Let me ease the pain of writing that just a bit.

That was brave of you to tell us your weight. It's also brave of you to face up to the problem and start tackling it.

I'd like to recommend this book. It's not directly weight loss-related, but it has proven itself invaluable to me in achieving the things I want to achieve.

Stick with the weight loss thing, dude. You'll always be glad you did.

Houston said...

Thank you all for the support. I will probably burn your eyeballs with pictures, so I promise to put a break where you can have a moment to get a barf bucket handy.

You three help me more than you all will ever know.

Ms. Yvonne you keep me laughing and inspired.

Falahime you are a kind and generous person and I value our friendship so much.

KT you always have sage advice and a great outlook on things.

I have already downloaded the book and will tear into it on the treadmill today.

Thank you all so much.