Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Still Alive (Mostly)

For everyone who is still with me, I am alive.  I'm sorry that nothing funny has been popping up but I have really been kicking butt non stop on church stuff after work so I have next to no time to blog or draw.

We went to the Dallas Christmas Parade and I have great things to tell, just need time to tell it.  Plus we saw Glenn Beck and I got him to crack a grin after he shook the hands of the kids.  All these things I must tell.

I'm sad that my oldest son was fired from his job today.  From what he tells us he made a mistake and wound up costing Toys R Us some cash.  He's posted on facebook that he isn't supposed to talk about it so I'll leave it at that.  Regardless, he is now in the job hunt so if anyone needs a scrawny young man with a wacky goatee and a general air of homelessness about them, I have the man for you.

Keep the faith all.

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