Monday, November 15, 2010

Situation Normal

Not griping, just amazed.

PHONECO does mainly online training and one of my co-workers took a course on the system I support.  He made the statement that he "Passed the test but couldn't figure out how to add a phone to his system now."

This guy is no dummy, he reads ISO recommendations and understands them, got his CWNA, has taught classes in VoIP for years and has written countless documentation for PHONECO.  This is just an example of how crappy the training is.  We cannot make upper management realize you can't sit a person down in front of what is (basically) a 12 hour Power Point Project and expect them to do anything other than follow the steps a to b to c.

That would be great, but if you don't know why you HAVE to go a to b to c instead of b to a to c (which may work sometimes) and why, they will fail on installation of the new PBX.  Go over budget.  Speak poorly of it.  Cause others to hate it.

In other words FAIL.


Falahime said...

Oh geez...I never thought of this, but I hope the package I sent isn't a big FAIL. I'll be mortified if it makes the comic! *sob*

Houston said...

I'm sure it won't be. I have a feeling the package you sent may make the comic with me in a food coma!