Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So Uh... What's Happening?

That is a great question.  I got on a creative kick and was churning out tons of stuff and then...



So I have just remained hopped up on painkillers so I can get through work and come home and... I guess do nothing.

So here I am at midnight.  I have missed the last couple of IAMFAIL deadlines, I have a great kid's story which has drug to a halt, a short zombie story I can't get past the basic idea of, TONS of illustrations I need to do AND, I need to do a lifesize cutout of Shaggy and Scooby for my kid's Fall Festival.

Instead, I eat and put weight on so my doctor can fuss at me when I show up to beg for pain pills.

Being FAT sucks. Having a bad back and being fat REALLY SUCKS.  I am moderately depressed right now, but I will get over it.  Just too much real work stuff going on and not enough time to get into PT or the doctor, so I just keep eating the painkillers.


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