Thursday, October 07, 2010

Criminal Genius

We have a graffiti artist in our house.  We suspected Lucie for some reason, (look at this picture and see if you can figure out why).

Looks almost like a name!
THE WIFE quickly cornered the suspect "Lucie" and asked her WHY IN THE WORLD SHE WROTE ON THE WASHING MACHINE WITH A SHARPIE!!!!

Lucie proclaimed her innocence.  Further examination of the aforementioned graffiti revealed the following:

The culprit's name isn't "Lucie" as we first believed;  rather, "Lucie M," which gives our precious princess an AIRTIGHT alibi.  After all, ANYONE can sign their own name, but who would think to add an "M" to throw the authorities off the trail?  She MUST be innocent!


Falahime said...

I love how the "M" is superscript so it's kind of like a coded "TM" symbol. That's not just bought a Lucie (M) washer and the logo didn't show up until much later...

Wonder Woman said...

ROFLOL!!! So basically, what you are telling us is after years of making fun of Steve Irwin naming his daughter after a dog, we actually named our daughter after a washing machine. How ironic!