Saturday, September 04, 2010

Back Checkup And My New Doctor

I went to the doctor on Thursday and we talked about my crappy back. Basically I am really impressed with my new doc because not only is he OK to take care of the pain, he has a plan to aggressively treat the cause.

Basically the plan is I am going to start working on core strength and work my way into an exercise routine. No Situps, crunches or crap like that, but beginning yoga, cardio (swimming if possible) and weight lifting. He ran X-Rays and confirmed my disk space is good (no slipped disks) and has ordered an MRI for Thursday.

I was also very happy to hear that my disk space looks fine and he thinks bone spurs are the cause (as my last doc did). But my last doc just said, go to an orthopedic who told me, "Lose weight." Of course it's easy to say that, but when you back hurts too bad to get off the couch, it's tough.

We did get a call yesterday so I dropped by this morning. Apparently I have butter running through my veins, so Lipitor is in my short term future.

My goals are to lose enough weight to get off my blood pressure meds and get my cholesterol down. I also want to get my back in better shape and get off the pain medication. A change of priority is in order, especially where work is concerned. No longer will I be a slave to PHONECO as they have proven they can barely survive on their own.

On a side note I sent an email to the MONGO-UBER-BOSS pointing out our last information release we sent out mis-spelled our product's name twice in the same paragraph. Hard to convince people we are the folks who should be securing, monitoring and helping them set up their network when we can't even proof read our releases.

I'll keep everyone updated.


Falahime said...

Grr! This is so frustrating-I wish you were closer. I know the Lipitor is a necessary evil but I have some things here that could really help you. I guess I'll just have to cheer you on from the internets.

I know the bone spurs are no picnic, but hearing your discs are in good shape is pretty great news.

*sending healing thoughts and prayers*

Houston said...

Thanks Falahime, you don't know how much having you cheering me on helps.

I was extremely excited to hear my disks look good. I am equally excited that he is sending me for an MRI. THE WIFE's sister was hurt worse when she was sent for PT without an MRI.

I really think this doc is a good one.

Justin said...

Good docs are a godsend... like I said recently.