Monday, August 30, 2010

God's Hand At Work

Since we have found our church and joined I was asked to lead a class of ladies through a small group study.  Why me, I don't know but for some reason Pastor George felt God wanted me there.

I've led it for a while know and after our last study series which we all hated, we moved to "Bad Girls of the Bible" which we have all been loving.

Long story short, through this group and our friendships I was talking with one of the ladies and she brought up Ben's old teacher.  This the teacher who was convinced we were just too soft on him and rather than acting the way he did because of Autism she felt he had behavior problems.

I made my displeasure obvious, and she stopped me and told me this was a good thing.  Turns out they know each other and I hadn't realized her daughter and Ben had been in second and third grade together.  Her daughter mentioned Ben to the old teacher and that they were together in Sunday School now.

Somehow some old note which Ben was accused of writing came up.  The note consisted of Ben writing all the different methods to kill this teacher.  The teacher asked my friend if she thought Ben had written it.

My friend said, "No."

She brought up the fact also, that her daughter had proclaimed Ben's innocence from the very beginning and had named the boy she felt wrote it.

The thing that meant the most to me was she also told me the teacher now had another autistic boy in her class and she was now actually following the standards set forth by our school district.  She is dealing with the Autism rather than just reacting to the behaviors associated with it.

She learned.  Thanks be to God; she learned.

One of the ladies made the statement that it was too bad she didn't learn with Ben, but I told her, if it hadn't been for that teacher we wouldn't have changed schools.  IF we hadn't changed schools we would never have met Ben's teacher Becky for fourth grade.  If we hadn't met Becky we would never have been invited to the church we were at now, and finally, if we hadn't visited our church, we would have never joined and we would have never been blessed with the friends we have now.

We don't always understand the path God sends us down, or why, but there is ALWAYS a reason to his plan.


Falahime said...

Exactly. :) I know from experience it's rarely easy to accept the lessons when you're in the middle of them. But I also know from experience that things will work out if we just let them.

Justin said...

So true... so true... I've been thinking about blogging a post along these lines myself.

Wonder Woman said...

And most importantly, I would not be like the 3rd most awesome, and most hot drummer in the world. We all know that this is the most important part of him having the worst teacher possible...

Mom said...

I'm glad it has turned out well for your family and for Ben. Nice to have someone stick up for him, too. :-)

I'm a little concerned about this though..."Bad Girls of the Bible"...are you guys making a calendar or something?? (LOL)