Tuesday, July 06, 2010


I pull after hour support for PHONECO and sometimes we get strange calls.  I now deal almost entirely with Voice Over IP so telephones running over your IP Network.  Kind of like Skype with phones like you would normally use for your office.

Over the weekend I got a support call stating the phones could not reach the server and the system was completely down.  I make the call and find out his DHCP server is down.  A DHCP server is what gives each piece of equipment on the network it's own specific ID number so it can send and receive information on the network.


So while I am trying to be nice, I also am NOT assisting in helping the tech fix what he broke on his server.  My job is the phone system and the phone system only.  If I start telling him how to fix his network I open PHONECO up to all sorts of liability because that is NOT WHAT WE ARE SUPPOSED TO DO.

We charge for that.

My job is fix the phones.  If your server does not give out IP Addresses, you need to fix your server to give out IP Addresses.

This is like calling your mechanic to look at your car which is out of gas.


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