Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Know Too Much

There are days I wish I did not have the insight that I have as to what all is going on at work.  I write here because of a semi-anonymous way to blather to people who don't really know me or what is going on.

I just saw an email talking about how we need to make sure that company "X" doesn't get upset with us as they are still pushing our PBX.  We don't want them to stop pushing it also.

Also?  So I moved over to a department where I was promised I was working on the NEXT BIG THING, to find we are pissing people off left and right?

Wow.  Great career move huh?

Oh well, as a side note I am spending my free time prepping to get some extra cash in.  Hopefully I can start pimping out my wares.  We'll see.

Worse come to worse, I can be a phone man... Oh wait! ARRRRGH! I AM!

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