Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One Coming Soon

THE WIFE and I have been talking it over and the technology market glut combined with my personal happiness has led me to the realization she is absolutely correct.  I need to branch out and find a way to make money with art and writing.

I announced it on twitter, but I am spreading out.  I am going to start at least a weekly web comic here (for now) and continue with my illustrations for editorial cartoons and humor.  I will also be starting up greeting cards for Birthday and other... um... awkward occasions, so anything you see on here that you like, contact me if you would like a shirt, print, card, poster etc... I am going into business for myself.

I will post the first episode of the web comic here on next Friday and it will post every Friday after that.  The comic name will be "IAMFAIL" inspired by my daughter Lucie.

The latest political cartoon I will put up by this weekend is in the works and if you follow me on twitter, you can already guess the details.
Spooky! You Betcha!
Wish me luck and thanks to all my friends out there.

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