Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Our son Chris was in Chicago for United States Sea Cadet Corps basic training.  THE WIFE, Ben, Sadie and Lucie all packed up and went with me to get him.  We were excited to get the boy and were staying until Tuesday when we were driving back to Dallas.

Sunday we lost air conditioning at the house.  TBITB gathered the pets up and had them with him and was trying to keep them cool.  When he went to bed he kenneled the dogs up, but Cujo our Japanese Chin puppy didn't make it.  The heat was just too much for her.

THE WIFE and I are heartbroken and the girls are beside themselves right now.  I never knew such a little puppy could take up such a huge place in your heart.

God rest your soul, Cujo.  You were the best little puppy I ever owned.  I miss you and always love you.
Cujo 2009-2010


Miss Yvonne said...

Oh no, I'm sorry!! :-(

Falahime said...

That's awful. I'm so sorry. :(

Christine said...

I'm so sorry. I lost a pekingese to heat stroke many years ago and I know what you and your family are going through. (hugs)