Monday, May 24, 2010

Mary Kate Vincil

First off thank you to all my friends for your thoughts and prayers as we dealt with the loss of my Grandmother. While we will all miss her we all sincerely believe she is now in a place where she is with her family which has gone on before her. Now she walks with no pain and the only tears which fall are tears of joy.

"Granny" as she insisted everyone call her was 89 years old at the end of her life; she outlived a husband and two sons and left behind three daughters, four grandchildren, five great-grandchildren and countless other people who knew and loved her.

I wanted to include this photo of her, her sister and two of her brothers. Granny is the little girl on the right.

They knew hardship and poverty as well as love, discipline and hope. I hope to someday be as strong and as good a person as she was.

Rest easy Granny. I'll see you someday and we'll rejoice together in Heaven.

Mary Kate Vincil
May 10, 1921 to May 18, 2010

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furiousBall said...

best wishes to you and your family buddy.