Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lost In Translation?

So anyway while we were gone to Tennessee for my Grandmother's funeral we left The Boy In The Box (tm) behind to guard the house and feed the critters.

Friday before we came back our buddy Uncle Louie (tm) told TBITB that he would come over the next day to help him mow the yard for us. TBITB agreed so it was settled.

The next afternoon Uncle Louie (tm) shows up with the mower and TBITB is nowhere to be found. With steely determination he fires up the mower and resolves to pretend to not speak English to anyone who complains about him being at our place.

Once the job is done he loads everything up and heads back to his place. On the way his phone rings, it's TBITB.

"Hey," TBITB says, "I don't have to work tomorrow so you can come by any time you want to clean the house."


Apparently Uncle Louie (tm) is Spanish for Groundskeeper/Maid in TBITB's world.


furiousBall said...

i like the cut og TBITB's jib. that's sailor talk for "he's cool"

kashif14763 said...

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