Monday, April 05, 2010

Torture I Overheard This Holiday

As I rested my weary bones this weekend I overheard the boys talking with Lucie about the meaning of Easter.

Chris: Yeah, so the Easter Bunny brings you candy and hides eggs.
Lucie: Yeah, I wike deh Eastew Bunny.
Chris: So anyway, after he leaves the candy we have to catch him and cook him.
Lucie: ...
Ben: Yeah, it's a tradition.
Chris: Exactly and each kid gets a separate part to eat.
Lucie: ...
Ben: Yeah!
Chris: Since your the next to youngest you get the eyeballs.
Lucie: Ewwww.  I am not eating anything with bwood in it.  That's gwoss.  Bwood makes me sick.
Chris: Well I had to do it when I was next to youngest.
Ben: Dad has to eat the (unintelligible).
Me: No, Dad eats the ears only.  The privilege of being Dad.  Everyone wants to be the Daddy!

Yeah, I know.... Years of therapy to come.

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